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Fall 2022

All tutoring must be scheduled through WCOnline

Writing Center Hours Monday, August 29 - Saturday, December 17 (closed Labor Day weekend and Thanksgiving holiday)

  • Truax - In-person and virtual
    • Monday through Friday 9 am - 4 pm
  • Goodman South - In-person and virtual
    • Monday through Thursday 10 am - 4 pm
    • Friday and Saturday 10 am - 3 pm
  • Fort Atkinson - In-person and virtual
    • Wednesday 9 am - 12 pm
  • Watertown - In-person and virtual
    • Tuesday 1 pm - 4 pm
  • Portage
    • Tuesday 2 pm - 5 pm (starting Oct 18)
  • Reedsburg
    • Tuesday 10 am - 1 pm (starting Oct 18)
  • Virtual
    • Sunday through Thursday 4 pm - 8 pm
  • Email coaching available everyday!

How to Make Writing Center Appointments 

Ready to meet with a writing tutor? Great! These instructions show you how to do that. 

Making the Appointment

  1. Click on “Make or Cancel Appointments” at the top of the Writing Center webpage, OR go directly to WCONLINE at madisoncollege.mywconline.com/ 
  2. Choose the schedule you want: 
    • Truax schedule: in-person or virtual tutoring with tutors at the Truax campus 
    • Goodman South schedule: in-person or virtual tutoring with tutors at the Goodman South campus 
    • Regional Campuses schedule: in-person or virtual tutoring with tutors at the Portage, Reedsburg, Fort Atkinson, or Watertown campuses 
    • Email Coaching schedule: written feedback on drafts you email to us (good choice if your daily schedule is tight but you have time to wait for feedback) 
    • Writing Fellows schedule: in-person or virtual tutoring with a Writing Fellow assigned to a course—only for students in courses with a Writing Fellow 
  3. Choose any white box (open appointment) for the day and time you want & fill out the appointment form. 
  4. Click “Create Appointment”—you’re all set! 

Meeting with your Tutor

Once you make an appointment, review the confirmation email that provides details about where and how to meet.  

If you have booked an in-person session, make a note of the location—campus and room.  

If you have booked a virtual session, you will connect with your tutor directly through your appointment box. Log in, open the appointment, and click on “start or join virtual consultation.” 

To Modify or Cancel Appointment

Log in as above and click on the appointment time you need to change. Choose “edit appointment” or “cancel appointment.” In “edit appointment,” you can change the time of day, add comments, or attach a draft. 

QUESTIONS? Contact the Writing Center staff at writingcenter@madisoncollege.edu or 608.243.4289. 

Be a Tutor
National Day of Writing 2016


Do you enjoy teaching and learning from others? Are you someone who has always been good at writing? Have you always considered writing difficult and tedious? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider enrolling in “English 2: Peer Tutoring and Writing” and becoming a Madison College Peer Tutor!

About the Course

This course meets the same requirements and transferability as any English 2 class. However, it includes the added bonus of improving your writing and communication skills by helping others improve theirs. You will experience both traditional classroom learning as well as hands-on learning in the Writing Center.

After successfully completing the Peer Tutoring course, you will be eligible to join our exceptional Writing Center staff as a paid peer tutor. It’s an excellent way to continue honing your communication skills, meet other students and earn extra cash. It is also a great experience to include on a resume!

What Past peer Tutors Have Said

  • “I never considered myself ‘tutor material.’ I certainly wasn’t a perfect writer. But I learned you don’t need to be the best writer to be a really good tutor.”
  • “’Peer Tutoring and Writing’ changed the way I write. In helping others organize their ideas, I learned better organization.”
  • “Those moments when I’d be working with someone and together we made a breakthrough – that’s just awesome.”

Want More Information?

Email Writing Center Director Sarah Z. Johnson at szjohnson@madisoncollege.edu.


Community Writing

The Writing Center works with organizations to provide writing services and workshops to the Goodman South campus area. Some of our projects include:

Memoir Writing

In this three-part workshop is held over three weeks in May at Goodman South campus, workshop facilitators teach participants three ways to approach memoir writing: recording family history, telling stories, and exploring ideas. Participants can continue honing their memoir skills by enrolling in related Continuing Education courses that start the following week. For information about this workshop, contact Heidi Rosenberg.

Creative Writing for Seniors

Working with Madison’s Senior Center and senior apartments, workshop facilitators lead a series of short exercises to stimulate imagination and expression. Participants receive guidance for developing these exercises into longer works. If you are a manager or resident of a senior apartment complex and would like a similar workshop, contact Heidi Rosenberg.

Writing Workshops for the Literacy Network

Workshop facilitators work each semester with the “Transitions to College” course. Workshops range from planning and developing an essay to writing personal statements and cover letters. If you would like a similar workshop for your organization, contact Heidi Rosenberg.  

Writing Workshops for the Catholic Multicultural Center

Workshop facilitators help students in the ESL classes write and revise cover letters and other job-related documents. If you would like a similar workshop for your organization, please Heidi Rosenberg.  

Get Involved!

If you are a student, staff member, faculty member, or community member interested in community writing, the Writing Center would like to hear from you. We can help you develop your community writing idea. Contact Heidi Rosenberg or Writing Center Director Sarah Z. Johnson.



The Writing Fellows Program at Madison College

Writing Fellows are peer tutors specially trained to work as embedded tutors in writing-intensive courses and to help students become better thinkers, not just better writers. Fellows come from the peer tutor training course, a section of English 2 focused on tutor theory and practice. Some of the graduates of that class opt to tutor in the Writing Center, while a few continue with additional Writing Fellow training. Stand-alone training for this program is also available.

What Writing Fellows Do

Fellows attend selected classes, tutor students in the course, assist with in-class peer review workshops, and confer regularly with their teacher and mentor. They are paid and supervised through the Writing Center.

What Writing Fellows Do Not Do

Fellows are not teaching assistants, nor do they assign or discuss grades, edit or write papers, or make comments about the accuracy of information presented in a paper.

What Partner Teachers Have Said

“First and foremost, having [Fellows] available for students to check their progress with assignments lets me have more time for working with students most in need of my help. Secondly, working with them helps me clarify and reinforce curriculum priorities as I have to be sure that they’re well aware and on board with them. And finally, they participate greatly by offering their own strategies and insight enriching the class overall.” – Suzanne Gittleman, English

What Writing Fellows Have Said

“The coolest thing about being a Fellow is seeing the aha moments, the eureka moments, and witnessing the confidence ignite within student writers. I learned that there is never a definitive perspective on any subject, which keeps me grounded and open-minded and sharpens my approach to writing.”  –Lyon Chen, Writing Fellow 2021 and 2022

Want More Information?

If you are a student wishing to become a Writing Fellow or are a teacher wishing to request a Fellow for your course, email Writing Center Director Sarah Z. Johnson at szjohnson@madisoncollege.edu.


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The Writing Center's mission is to help members of the Madison College community become more effective, confident and successful communicators. 

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