World Languages Course Placement

The World Languages test is available to take in-person (during any Course Placement Test session) or virtually any time.

For in-person, please arrive to a Course Placement Test session held at one of our campuses and let us know you would like to take a World Language test.

For virtual, please send your request to: for further assistance.

Testing time is approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

Madison College uses the WebCAPE exam for World Languages course placement. WebCAPE is a state-of-the-art computer test that helps us accurately and efficiently place you in the correct college language course.

The WebCAPE exam selects each test item as a result of the answer to the previous question. When you answer an item correctly, it presents a more difficult question next. If you answer an item incorrectly, it gives you an easier question. In short, the test adapts to the student’s level of ability, and will accurately determine your competency level in about twenty minutes. You will know your results upon completion of the exam.

Madison College may award tuition-free credit for previous foreign language study. World Languages Retroactive Credit process. You may be eligible to earn a maximum of four semesters (16 credits) if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are enrolled in a second, third, fourth or fifth level language course.
  • You earned a grade of B or better in the course.
  • You are NOT a native speaker of the language.

Course Placement Policies

  • Some computer use is required for completing online homework assignments for all levels of Spanish, French and Chinese.
  • You may retake the placement test once (a total of two attempts).
  • If you are transferring to Madison College from another college or university and you have one or more language courses on your transcript, you do not need to take the placement test.
  • Courses in Arabic do not currently require placement testing.
  • You should bring your placement score printout to class on your first day.

Spanish Contact: Tamesia Sosa, Truax, (608) 243-4029 or

French Contact: Mary Haight, Truax, (608)246-6471 or

Chinese Contact: Xiaoyi Sun,

Arabic Contact: Hicham El Majdi,   Please Note: Assessment for Arabic is not done through the Madison College Testing Center.  For course enrollment purposes, please work directly with this instructor to determine your language proficiency level.