Weapons Regulation

Regulation # 225


Administrative Regulation Type: Administration

Responsible Administrator: Vice President of Administration                                                     

Location of Related Procedures: Office of Vice President of Administration

Madison College is committed to providing a safe environment for employees, students and the public. As part of that commitment, and subject to state and federal law, this policy prohibits firearms or weapons of any type, concealed or unconcealed, on college property. Signs are posted at each entrance of college facilities.


  • Though Wisconsin has a concealed carry law, the right to carry a concealed handgun or other weapon does not apply to anyone when on college property, regardless of whether or not an individual has a license to carry a concealed weapon.
  • Employees are also prohibited from possessing or carrying weapons while acting in the course and scope of their employment or job duties, and, to the extent permissible by law, whether on or off college property as well as in any location in which an employee represents the college for business purposes.
  • Employees authorized in accordance with Wisconsin law may store a concealed weapon in their personal vehicle, which is driven or parked on college property, as long as the concealed weapon is properly secured in a locked vehicle and is not visible to passers-by.

This policy does not apply to the following:


  • College security personnel carrying authorized weapons acting within the scope of their employment
  • Certified law enforcement personnel conducting official business on college property, and/or taking certification or training classes
  • Authorized instructors in the School of Human and Protective Services performing instructional and educational-related training activities
  • Non-sworn college law enforcement academy students only when using a college-owned training weapon provided during an official law enforcement academy class or an official training session and only under the supervision of a state of Wisconsin certified law enforcement instructor

If anyone suspects an immediate threat to public safety, call 911. If an employee has reason to believe that an individual has a weapon (whether or not concealed) on college property, the employee is required to report it to Public Safety Services and/or their supervisor and/or the Associate Vice President of Human Resources.


If there’s questions about whether an item is covered by this policy, call Public Safety Services at (608) 245-2222. Employees are responsible for ensuring that any item in their possession is not prohibited by this policy.

Retaliation against an employee who, in good faith, reports a violation or assists in an investigation of such a report is not tolerated.



  • Employees in violation of this policy may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.
  • Students in violation of this policy are subject to discipline according to the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Community members who violate this policy may no longer be allowed on college property.




Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms (whether loaded or unloaded), knives, billy clubs, electronic controlled devices (conducted energy devices, stun guns, tasers), ammunition, explosives, and any other device or instrument which, in the manner it is used or intended to be used, could cause death or great bodily harm.


Madison College Property

College property includes, without limitation, college owned or leased space and college-owned vehicles regardless of whether or not they are on college property.