Tuition Refunds

Refund eligibility depends on three dates: class start date, class end date, and the date you officially drop the class. Refund amounts and drop date requirements are as follows:

Note: These percentages are based on the time period between class start and end dates, not by the number of class meetings that occur. 

  • 100% refund: Drop class at least one day before it starts
  • 80% refund: Drop class before 11% of the class is completed
  • 60% refund: Drop class after 11% but before 20% of the class is completed. Classes dropped during any refund period do not appear on your transcript.
  • 0% refund: Drop class after 20% of the class is completed. Classes dropped after the 60% refund period remain on your transcript and receive a final grade of "W" (withdrawal).

You may withdraw from your classes until 90% of the class is completed. For more information on “Last Date to Drop”, go to your myMadisonCollege student account under Academic Calendar Deadlines.

You can download our Refund Estimation Calculator to help you learn your refund dates. You will need your official class start and end dates to do this. Actual refunds can only be calculated after the class is dropped and tuition recalculation is run.

Dropping classes may affect your financial aid or veterans benefits. You may be required to repay funds received. It is wise to check with the financial aid office when you consider dropping classes.



The term "refund" refers not only to money being returned but the removal of debt from your student account. Refunds are processed according the Wisconsin Technical College System refund policy found in the state's Administrative Code Chapter TCS 10

  • Refund eligibility depends on the date you officially drop your class, whether online or with assistance from Enrollment Services or regional/metro campus office staff.  Mailed drop requests are processed per the date received. 
  • A full refund is ONLY provided when you drop a class at least one day before it begins or when the college cancels a class.
  • You cannot drop your class by talking to your instructor, and no one else may drop classes for you.
  • Stopping payment on a check is not equivalent to dropping a class.
  • Not attending classes does not entitle you to a refund. The college will not drop your classes due to non-payment or non-attendance.
  • Dropping classes may require you to repay financial aid or veterans benefits.
  • Enrollment Services can help you understand drop dates and estimate refund amounts. However, actual amounts cannot be provided until the class is dropped and your tuition is recalculated.
Tuition Refunds Under Special Circumstances

If a special circumstance arises that impacts your education, talk with your instructor(s). Most are willing to make alternate arrangements for you to complete class work. You may qualify for an Incomplete if you can complete 75% of course material before the term ends.

If you still find it necessary to drop your classes after the refund period but do not qualify for an Incomplete, you may apply for a Tuition Refund Under Special Circumstances. Tuition refunds under the Special Circumstances Policy may be granted where there are special circumstances that have created an unforeseen student hardship. If granted, you will receive no less than 60% of the course fees for dropped courses. Additionally, the college may charge a processing fee not to exceed 1%.


Qualifying reasons:

  • The death of an immediate family member
  • A physical and/or mental medical emergency for you or your dependent
  • Military obligation with notification received after classes began
  • If you were a victim of a crime
  • Other significant life altering situations (e.g., public health crisis, destruction of home, national emergency) 

Non-qualifying reasons:

  • Failure to drop classes
  • Failure to receive an invoice
  • Past due account balance
  • Inability to pay
  • Military obligation with notification received before classes began
  • Situations that are academic in nature: If the situation is related to coursework and/or instruction, please refer to Student Concerns and Complaints.
  • Wage/Tax interceptions

Before you apply:

  • If you have already been granted a Tuition Refund Under Special Circumstances, you are not eligible to submit another request for the same reason.
  • Submitting a request for Tuition Refund Under Special Circumstances does not extend the tuition due date. Past-due tuition will stop you from registering and must be paid in order to register for future classes while your request is reviewed.
  • If you were not active in your classes prior to the special circumstance you are not eligible to apply for a Tuition Refund Under Special Circumstances.

How to apply:

Submission Deadlines:

  • Fall: February 15
  • Spring: July 31
  • Interim or Summer: September 30

It is always your responsibility to verify add or drop actions were successfully completed, as these will affect your tuition balance.

If you have any questions about paying your tuition, contact Financial Operations.