Tuition and Fees

Tuition is defined as program and material fees charged for a class. Other fees, such as parking, supplemental fees and other class fees, are often rolled into total tuition costs.

You may have to pay other costs including books, equipment, field trips, uniforms, graduation and sales tax. Your total cost is impacted by the number of credits you enroll in, the type of classes you take, and your residency status.

2022-23 Tuition Costs for In-State Residents

$143.45 per credit for associate degree, technical diploma, certificate and non-degree vocational courses
$188.90 per credit for college transfer (Liberal Arts Transfer) courses
$400.00 per credit for community service enrichment courses, $320.00 per credit for persons 60 years old and older.

2022-23 Tuition Costs for Non-Residents

$215.18 per credit for associate degree, technical diploma, certificate and non-degree vocational courses
$283.35 per credit for college transfer (Liberal Arts transfer) courses

Supplemental Fees (Same for In-State Residents and Non-Residents)

$9.19 per credit - Madison campuses for all Postsecondary & Vocational Adult credit courses 
$11.24 per credit - Madison campuses for all College Parallel credit courses 
$2.25 per credit - Regional campus supplemental fee for fall and spring semesters only
$7.00 per credit - Textbook rental fee

Academic Achievement Fees (Same for In-State Residents and Non-Residents)

$1.43 per credit for associate degree, technical diploma, certificate and non-degree courses
$1.89 per credit for college transfer courses

Other Fees (Same for In-State Residents and Non-Residents)

$27.00 flat fee for commuter services for fall and spring; $5.09 for summer

CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSESTaught to business and other professionals, these courses are offered under a different cost structure.


Fee Descriptions


TUITION (Program and material fees): Resident and non-resident tuition rates are established annually by the Wisconsin Technical College System according to Wisconsin state statutes.

NON-RESIDENT tuition: Required for out-of-state students and international students. Due to a reciprocity agreement, Minnesota residents pay in-state tuition. In all cases, the individual student is responsible for proving their residency status

Enrollment Related Fees

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT FEE: Charged for degree credit classes only. Fees provide personnel and resources (online and in-person) for tutoring, information literacy, Writing Center services and more.  

COMMUTER SERVICES SUPPLEMENTAL FEE: Charged when taking at least one degree credit at any Madison campus. It covers:

SUPPLEMENTAL FEE, MADISON OR REGIONAL CAMPUS: Supports co-curricular activities and programming including student newspapers, athletics, performing arts, Student Senate, leadership programs, clubs and organizations, the Programs and Activities Council, the Student Life Office and provides access to the Madison College Fitness Center and student health services and programs. Regional campus rate difference is due to varying levels of service.

ONLINE COURSE FEE: Established by the Wisconsin Technical College System, all classes that meet 50% or more online include this $10.00 per credit fee. There is a minimum charge of $10.00 for classes below one credit.
Note: The online course fee of $10 per credit is suspended for the 2022-23 academic year.


Other Fees

GRADUATION FEE: This is to be paid prior to graduation, regardless of attendance at the graduation ceremony. You can request a refund of this fee if you are dropped for academic, medical or other reasons, or withdrawn of your own volition. You will be notified of this fee when you receive graduation information.

TEXTBOOK RENTAL: To save textbook costs, most class materials are covered in the textbook rental program. In some cases, you must purchase your own textbooks and class materials as required. To find your books at the Madison College Bookstore:

  • Find your subject and course using the last six digits of the eight-digit Catalog Number. This number will lead you to the general area in the bookstore where books for your classes are located.
  • The five-digit class number identifies the particular class you are taking. Look for this number to find the book or books for your class.
Fee Exemption

There are two types of fee exemptions at Madison College.

1. Degree Classes. You do not have to pay the program fee portion of a class if you:

  • Reach your 60th birthday by the start of the class.
  • Request to audit a college parallel, associate degree or technical diploma course at the time of registration.
  • Meet all course requirements.

You are still responsible for material and any other associated fees. Contact the Enrollment Center for details.

2. Continuing Education Classes. You may qualify for a variety of tuition exemptions for Continuing Education classes based on:

  • Your age. For some classes, the minimum age is 60; for others it is 62.
  • The type of class you register for. The associated fees and possible exemptions vary significantly with the kind of class you register for.

You can contact Continuing Education at (608) 258-2301 ext. 2 for specific class details.


CLASS WITHDRAWAL (DROP): You are responsible for withdrawing from (dropping) a class when you no longer wish to be enrolled. Doing so may affect your program status and/or your financial aid, including veterans benefits. You must drop your class at least one full day prior to the start date to receive a full refund. You may not drop a class after 90% of the class has expired. See the Tuition Refund page for more info.

PROGRAM/CERTIFICATE WITHDRAWAL: You may withdraw completely from your program of study if you wish. You must contact the Enrollment Center to do this. Program withdrawal is not the same as course withdrawal. You must take separate actions to drop classes.

PROGRAM/CERTIFICATE DISCONTINUATION: You may be discontinued from your program if you do not remain enrolled in at least one degree credit per term. This does not apply to the summer term or if you are on a program waitlist.

You may be notified if you are about to be discontinued from your program but enrollment requirements may vary from program to program. You should discuss your situation with an academic advisor to avoid complications.


A 1098-T form is a statement of your tuition or educational expenses. You may submit your 1098-T each calendar year to the IRS to claim educational credit when you file your taxes. To access the document, do the following:

  1. Log into the myMadisonCollege New Portal
  2. Click the "My Finances" tile.
  3. Select "1098-T Tax Form" from the left navigation menu.
  4. Grant permission to view your 1098-T online by clicking on the "Grant Consent" button.
  5. Carefully read the 1098-T consent agreement and select the check box that yes, you have read the agreement and then click "Submit."
  6. Next, click on the "View 1098-T Selection" button.
  7. Review any 1098-T information carefully.

The IRS requires us to have your Social Security number (SSN) to issue your 1098-T. We can also use your individual tax identification number (ITIN). If you need to provide us with your SSN or ITIN, complete and submit W-9 Form. You can bring the form and a photo ID to one of our campuses, or you can mail the information to the Truax Enrollment Center.

It is always your responsibility to verify add or drop actions were successfully completed, as these will affect your tuition balance.

If you have any questions about paying your tuition, contact Financial Operations.