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Yahara Journal | In Retrospect -- Student Artwork 2020-2021 

Water color painting of blue and yellow butterflies titled Butterfly Dreams by Dian Yao

Butterfly Dreams
Dian Yao

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    Staying Focused | Student work from the Photography Program at Madison College


    The Horizon Just Laughed | January 14 through February 6: This group show consists of eight Wisconsin artists who are all focused on painting as their central medium. The artist's included are: Tim Brenner, Andres Torres, Austin Moule, Chris Bostwick, Guzzo Pinc, Justin Eccles, Cassie Marie Edwards, and Rebecca Kautz.

    Carry on | February 17 - March 12: A solo show featuring local artist Quenten Brown’s two-dimensional abstract work. Quenten’s style nods to modernity while adhering to time tested principles of form and composition. He uses a variety of media including latex, acrylic and oil paints accented by watercolor, colored pencil, ink, and collage. This show is a commentary of our disposable culture. The forms in his pieces are often stacked on or squeezed into the picture plane to mimic the notion of massive amounts of information we receive on a minute by minute basis.


    Vintage MATC Poster

    Poster Ways of Olden Days | January 15 - February 7
    A retrospective of Madison College marketing materials.  

    Yahara Journal Student Art Show | February 18 - March 14


    Lauden Nute | March 25 - April 18


    Architecture Student Portfolio Show | April - Summer


    Enchanting Africa by Tara Olivia | September: A photographic journey of current Madison College student Tara Olivia.


    Celebration of First Generation College Students | September 30 - October 24: This exhibit highlighted first generation college students and their journey. 


    Yahara Journal Student Art Show | November 4 - 26: A campus favorite. The annual Madison College Student Art show. Learn how you can participate in the show.


    Printer Wonderland | December 9 - 13 Find fun and unique gifts for the special people in your life at the Printer Wonderland holiday pop-up shop. The shelves are stocked with student made screen- and letterpress-printed cards, posters, notepads, aprons, T-shirts and more.



    Paws & Effect: Animals in Education | January & February

    Paws & Effect Show Logo

    Beautiful and candid pet portraiture featuring cats, dogs, horses, goats, cows, guinea pigs and mice. The animals in this show were residents of the Madison College Veterinary Technician program during the Fall 2017 semester. The Madison College Veterinary Technician and Photography programs collaborated on this show to raise awareness about our pet adoption partnerships with area humane societies. Read all about adopting a pet at Madison College and see who is available to adopt

    Yahara Journal Student Art Show

    Architecture Program Portfolio Show | April

    Dane Arts Buy Local | September & October

    Emeralds to Ashes | November

    Printer Wonderland | December


    African Art | Traditional and Modern | January
    Facebook Event

    Yahara Journal Student Art Show | February and March

    Architecture Student Portfolio Show | April and May

    Appreciating Our Past: A Photographic History of Madison College | Summer 2017
    Madison Area Technical College has evolved to meet the needs of our diverse communities since opening our doors to students back in 1912. In our 105-year history, we have grown from 63 students in a single room above a fire station to nine campuses with more than 150 programs. As we move forward into the future, we appreciate where we have been in the past. 

    Visual Voices | September 
    Graphic Design faculty and staff art show. The diverse artwork on display included sketchbook drawings, prints, murals, mosaics, photography, and traditional and digital paintings. 

    Heritage Habitats by Ginger Owen and Vicki VanAmeyden | October - November 

    Heritage Habitats Kite Display at MATC Gallery at Truax

    Artist Statement: Heritage Habitats is a series of physical spaces for contemplation and invocation of ancestry. Framed around nostalgia and memory, "Kites," "Hankies" and "Cairn" are large scale, sculptural and experiential installations that engage in viewers’ unique memories and experiences. In essence, the work emphasizes commonalities that bind people and cultures and serves as an expression of humanism.

    Printer Wonderland - Holiday Pop Up Sale | December


    Quilt Making: A Modern Practice | January
    Video Tour | Photo Tour | Wisconsin State Journal Feature

    Elements of Graphic Design | March

    Architecture Program Portfolio Show | April

    Graphic Design, Photography and Visual Communications Portfolio Show | May

    Yahara Journal & Continuing Education Student Art Show | Summer
    Wisconsin State Journal Feature

    7 Years of Wisconsin Photography Students Capture the DATCP | Aug. 23-Sept. 28

    Industrial Evolution | October, November

    Printer Wonderland | December


    Off the Walls | December

    Graphic Design and Visual Communications Portfolio Show

    Celebrate Wisconsin Architecture | November

    Universal Design |September - October 

    Applied Arts Portfolio Show | May

    Architectural Technology Portfolio Show | April

    Student Art Show by the Yahara Journal | March

    People, Places, and Things:  Culture, Memory, and Madison College Global Connections | February


    Enroute Fall Portfolio Show | Graphic Design, Visual Communicators | December - January

    Dance, Light, Lens | November

    Celebrating Wisconsin Manufacturing | October

    Show and Tell: An exhibit of classroom demonstrations by the Illustration Faculty | September

    A Juried Collection of Applied Arts in conjunction with MMoCA Gallery Night | May

    Architectural Technology Portfolio Show | April

    Student Art Show by the Yahara Journal | March

    Hidden Images by Biotechnology & Electron Microscopy | February

    The Art of Innovation by the School of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology | January


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