Travel Funding Guidelines

Madison College clubs may apply for funding for conference and other trip costs, such as registration fees, travel and lodging.

Request Travel Funding

Pre-Trip Requirements

Before their departure date, each student must complete the following forms:

If Student Life does not receive the student travel forms before your travel, we will reduce travel funding by 25% for the first time procedures are not followed; 50% for the second offense. Not following Madison College procedures after that could result in zero funding. Violation of this rule could result in revocation of rights for future funding for the club.

Post-Trip Report

Within 10 business days of returning, the Club is required to submit a post-trip report* with the following information:

  • An accurate and updated roster of all attendees as an Excel document including Student ID #s.
  • Copies of receipts are required for consideration and to be awarded funding (bus, airfare, rental vehicle, gas, etc.)
  • If requesting mileage, the # of vehicles driven, total round-trip miles, and the originating location and destination must be submitted in report.
  • Student reflection(s) with the following:
    • A summary of the trip.
    • An explanation on how the trip and/or experience benefits the club and club members and how it relates to the mission and goals of the club.
    • An explanation on how your experience can benefit the Madison College community.
    • If this was a competition, please explain the results of the competition. Other details that are important to share with the Madison College Community.
    • Photos taken on trip. Pictures will be showcased at the annual Student Success Awards Banquet.

*ELT will not review applications or award funds until a post-trip report is received. The post-trip report must be submitted within 10-business days of returning. After 10-business days, funds are reduced by 5% of the original cost per day.

  • Lodging
    • Only students of the same gender can room together.
    • Each room must accommodate up to four (4) students.
    • ELT will not pay lodging costs when travelers are within 50 miles of their home or headquarter city unless the travel is for a multi-day event.
    • ELT will reimburse actual reasonable room costs, as supported by the detailed hotel bill, for each night.

    Cancellations: If it is necessary to change or cancel guaranteed reservations, it is the responsibility of the Advisor to cancel the reservation. The College will not reimburse any charges or fees assessed due to failure to cancel a reservation.

  • Transportation

    While there are several acceptable methods of transportation, clubs are expected to use the most cost effective method possible. Reimbursement will be limited to the lowest cost of the most reasonable form of public, commercial, or personal transportation options. It is expected that the group travel together.


    If driving to location, carpooling or renting a vehicle is encouraged. If destination location is an eight (8) hour or less drive, club must use ground transportation (carpool, bus, rental) unless a more cost effective mode of transportation is available.

    Rental Vehicles: Vehicle or bus rental is generally the preferred mode of transportation when travelling within eight (8) hours of the college. The size of the rental vehicle should be the least expensive model consistent with the number of travelers. Minivans and SUVs should be used only if four or more individuals are traveling together. Tips are the responsibility of the student group and will not be considered for reimbursement by ELT. The direct cost of gasoline will be reimbursed per receipt.

    Personal Vehicle: Clubs may use personal vehicles for travel when necessary and cost effective. Personal vehicles are not covered under the College’s insurance policy. Any loss incurred while using a personal vehicle for club travel will fall under the driver's personal insurance coverage and will not be reimbursed.

    Mileage: Reimbursement will only be granted if traveler's carpool to destination. ELT will only consider reimbursement for mileage at a rate of four passengers per vehicle. The originating location and destination must be provided in the post-trip report.


    Travel by air shall be limited to the lowest, logical, non-refundable, coach/economy class fare available. The additional cost for premium class or seat assignment fees for premium class (first class, business class, economy plus or economy comfort) travel is not reimbursable. Clubs may be reimbursed for any charges imposed by the airline for the first item of luggage. The College will not reimburse travelers for personal items lost while traveling on business as airlines bear this responsibility.

    Other Transportation

    This includes taxi, shuttle, rail, subway, metro, bus, car services. Costs of transportation will be reimbursed with a receipt. These expenses are allowed for transportation to, from, and between places of business, lodging, and the airport. Travel by limousine is not an acceptable mode of travel. If utilized, documentation must be provided to justify this decision. Courtesy transportation should be utilized whenever possible.

  • Non-Funded Expenses
    • ELT will not fund or reimburse for meals. The club/student(s) will be responsible for all meals.
    • ELT cannot fund or reimburse travel-related expenses for Advisor(s) or non-Madison College students.