Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit = Documented learning experiences

Madison College awards transfer credit for formal learning such as college-level course work, military training, national exams and other professional certifications and licenses.

The Credit for Prior Learning Office will review all official U.S. transcripts and award credit for any course(s) previously determined through evaluation to have equivalent course(s) within Madison College. After that initial review, you may review results on your Degree Progress Report. If you believe course(s) should transfer into your academic program, but have not, please complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request and submit all required documentation.

  1. College

    U.S. College Transcripts

    To see how your credits can potentially transfer to Madison College, visit Transferology

    Only courses with an earned grade of C or better are considered for transfer credit.

    Once you are awarded credit from our initial review, you may request an additional review of general education and/or program related courses. To request this additional review:

    1. Complete and submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 101 KB).
    2. Include course syllabi to aid in the determination of course credit.
    3. Allow four to six weeks for the additional review to be completed.

    International College Transcripts

    To earn transfer credit for courses completed outside the U.S., students must submit a Credential Evaluation with their official transcripts. When needed, official transcripts must also be translated into English. For a list of evaluation and translation services, see our International Student Admission page.

    Once your transcript evaluation/translation is complete, submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 101 KB) to indicate which courses you want considered for college credit.

    Reverse Transfer 

    This option is for students who transfer to another college before earning a degree from Madison College. Completed future coursework can transfer back to Madison College to allow you to earn your associate degree.  

    Madison College has current agreements with UW-Madison and Edgewood College. More partnerships are on their way. When you send your Madison College transcript to one of these partner colleges, you will be asked if you want to take advantage of the reverse transfer opportunity.

    See UW-Madison Transfer Options (Reverse Transfer tab) for more details. 

  2. High School

    High school transcripts may allow you to meet program and/or course pre-requisites. They usually do not give you college credit. However, there are two exceptions. 

    Advanced Standing

    Some schools have articulation agreements with Madison College. These agreements allow you to gain tuition-free credit from past high school courses. You must receive a final grade of "B" or better to qualify.

    1. Speak to your high school counselor, explain your interest in advanced standing and learn what classes may eligible.
    2. Send your official transcripts to the Enrollment Center within 27 months of high school graduation.
    3. Submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 101 KB), listing which of your classes qualify for Advanced Standing.
    4. Allow two to four weeks for posting of eligible credits to your student record.

    Dual Credit

    Dual credit enrollment allows high school students to take advantage of college-level courses right at their own high school. The course is identical to the Madison College course taught at our campus. To learn more, visit Dual Credit Courses.

  3. Military

    Madison College follows the American Council of Education (ACE) guidelines for granting college credit for military training and experience.

    1. Submit your military transcript to Madison College from the appropriate source:
    • Joint Services Transcript (JST)
    • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
    • DD214

    2. Complete and submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 101 KB).

    3. Allow four to six weeks for posting of eligible credits to your student record.

  4. National Exams

    Advanced Placement (AP)

    AP exams taken while in high school may qualify for Madison College credit. You must receive a score of 3, 4 or 5 on an AP exam to qualify for college credit.

    1. To see which AP exams correlate to which Madison College courses, see our AP Equivalencies.
    2. Submit your official AP score report. Note: AP credit is based on AP test scores, not course completion. 
    3. Allow two to four weeks for posting of eligible credits to your student record.


    DSST (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) are credit-by-examination tests originated by the U.S. Department of Defense. These tests are often used in conjunction with CLEP (College Level Examination Program). 

    Madison College is a CLEP testing site. To learn more, visit the Testing Center Website. To see what CLEP scores qualify for credit at Madison College, see our CLEP Equivalencies

    1. When you register for a CLEP test, you must select the colleges that will receive your score. Indicate Madison College.
    2. Allow two to four weeks from the date we receive your scores to post eligible credits to your student record.
  5. Professional Certifications

    Completed certifications can count for specific course credit.

    1. Submit your official certificate(s) via email to Enrollment Services for evaluation.
    2. Allow two to four weeks for posting of eligible credits to your student record.
  6. World Languages Retroactive Credit

    Earn up to four semesters (16 credits) if you are NOT a native speaker and meet the following conditions:

    1. Take the World Language Placement Exam and place into a Madison College second-, third-, fourth-, or fifth-level language course.
    2. Take the class and earn a grade of ‘B’ or better.
    3. Complete and submit the Retroactive Language Credit Request Form (PDF, 63KB) to Enrollment Services upon completion of the course.
    4. Allow two to four weeks for posting of eligible credits to your student record.

    NOTE: You are considered a native speaker if you were taught in a language through at least ninth grade.