Success Coaching

Student Success Coaches help you become an active and confident learner.

Meet with a Success Coach to:

  • Engage in a guided discovery process for personal, financial, academic, and career growth
  • Strengthen study skills 
  • Collaborate with your peers in a supportive learning community 
  • Utilize college resources and programming 
  • Build motivation
  • Maximize self-confidence to succeed 

Students are encouraged to download the new Navigate App to schedule an appointment with their success coach or request a meeting by completing the Success Coach Interest Form.


Success coaching diagram

Student Success Coaches 

Student Success Coaches reach out to all first-year students and those continuing students who are referred to them.  Each coach is attached to a school or specific RISE program:

By School:

  • School of Engineering, Science and Mathematics

  • School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Human and Protective Services
  • School of Business and Applied Arts
  • School of Technology and Trades

By RISE Program:

  • Men of Excellence 
  • Scholars of Color Mentoring Program
  • Scholars of Promise
  • TOPS College Success
  • TRIO Student Success 
  • Veteran Resource Services