Student Success Team

What is a student success team? It's your list of Madison College advisors, faculty and coaches assigned to support you. Your student success team is listed in your myMadisonCollege portal

Who is on my team?

Each success team is created specifically for you based on your academic program and student groups. Team members support you based on your needs and their role at the college. Your team may consist of the following roles: 

  1. Academic Advisor

    Academic advisors are your source for: 

    1. Academic planning 
    2. Course selection
    3. Transfer planning 
    4. Graduation 

    Students are encouraged to download the new Navigate App and self-schedule with their assigned academic advisor: 

    Or call the Student Success Center  (608) 246-6076  or Email Us 

    Students may find at times that they would like to request a change of advisor. Requests can be made at any time, however, not all requests can be approved due to the availability of program-specific advisors and expertise.

  2. Faculty Advisor

    Your faculty advisor may help you navigate:  

    1. Program outcomes, including career options  
    2. Information about program courses  
    3. Course sequencing to ensure you stay on track 

    Faculty advisors are typically available from September through May. 

    Check your student center or Navigate App for the name of your faculty advisor; you can email them from there. Please note, not all Madison College programs have a faculty advisor assigned.  If you are in the Liberal Arts Transfer program, you can find the name of your pre-major Faculty Advisor and contact information here

  3. Success Coach

    Student Success Coaches use a "guided-discovery" process to help students become active, self-directed, confident learners. 

    Meet with your Success Coach to: 

    • Engage in a guided-discovery process (personal/social/financial/academic/career growth)  
    • Develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP)  
    • Strengthen study skills  
    • Collaborate with peers in a supportive learning community  
    • Utilize campus resources and programming  
    • Build motivation 
    • Maximize self-confidence to succeed  

    Students are encouraged to download the new Navigate App and self-schedule with their success coach: 

    Or call the Student Success Center  (608) 246-6076  or Email Us