Student Status

Your enrollment status and program status can have a major impact on your experience at Madison College.

Enrollment Status

Your enrollment status is based on your study load; the number of credits you are enrolled in. Your enrollment status may also be used to determine your Financial Aid eligibility.

Fall and Spring Enrollment Status

  • Less than half-time: 1-5 credits
  • Half-time: 6-8 credits
  • Three-quarter time: 9-11 credits
  • Full time: 12 credits or more
  • Max load: 18 credits. Most programs limit students to 18 credits. If you wish to exceed 18 credits, you must complete the Study Load Approval Form (PDF, 73KB) and have an instructor, counselor or advisor authorize the overload. 

Summer Enrollment Status

  • Less than half-time: 1–2 credits
  • Half-time: 3 credits
  • Three-quarter time: 4-5 credits
  • Full time: 6 or more credits

Note: Summer financial aid is still determined based on the Fall and Spring enrollment status breakdown. For example, 3 credits is considered less than half-time for summer financial aid, but is considered half-time for general summer enrollment status. 

Program Status

Your program status determines your registration priority. The Registration Calendar shows when enrollment periods begin.

First Priority: Continuing Program Students

  • Students continuing in a certificate or program of study from one semester to the next are first to enroll for the next term. View your enrollment date in myMadisonCollege
  • Eligible military service members and veterans may request an earlier enrollment appointment.

Second Priority: New Program Students

  • The next group of appointments are given to those in the first semester of their program of study.
  • Attending Advising & Registration sessions can help you with enrollment decisions.

Third Priority: Non-Program Students

  • Open Registration is when anyone, regardless of program status, can enroll in classes.
  • Click the blue tab to see the advantages of being accepted in a degree or certificate program at Madison College.

You should complete your enrollment as early as possible, regardless of your program status.

Program Student Advantages

Students who are admitted to programs enjoy a variety of benefits at Madison College including:

  • Priority registration: Register before non-program students and increase your chances of getting the classes and schedule you want.
  • Financial Aid: If you are accepted into a program and have filled out the FAFSA, you may be eligible for financial aid including grants, work-study or student loans.
  • A Student Success Team: Your Student Success Team is made up of advisors, faculty and coaches assigned to support you.
  • Veteran or displaced worker benefits: You may be eligible for other benefits as well.

Choose a degree program now.

Withdrawing from a course, or your program, may impact your student status. Find more information about Withdrawal on the Tuition and Fees webpage.