Student Senate

Student Senate members, including president Amanda Love, left, visit in the Gateway.

The Student Senate works collaboratively with fellow students and college administrators to create positive changes at Madison College. The Student Senate represents the interest of all students, promotes student and faculty understanding, participates in community affairs that concern students, and encourages students to become involved in educational and social activities of Madison College.

The Student Senate office is located in Room B1260H at the Truax Campus. You can call (608) 246-6107 or email to connect with a representative from the Student Senate. Find more information on our Senate website.


Recent accomplishments of the Madison College Student Senate include:

  • Campus-to-campus shuttle service connecting Truax, Downtown, West, South and Commercial Avenue
  • Reflection Room at Truax that offers a space for prayer, meditation and relaxation. 
  • Student representative to the Madison College District Board
  • Free Fitness Center access for degree-credit students
  • Cell phone boosters at Truax to improve reception
  • Funding for comprehensive commuter services (bus, paratransit, shuttle, parking, B-Cycle station, bicycle services)
  • Solar-powered transit shelter built at Truax
  • Unity Park created in green space at Truax
  • Course material and parking fees included in request for financial aid
  • Improved refund policies, which include parking and supplemental fees
  • Textbook rental program and use of open source textbooks encouraged
  • Lobbying of state legislators on behalf of student needs in higher education
Current Initiatives

Ongoing and current Student Senate initiatives include:

  • Large-scale textbook rental program
  • Advising and transfer services improvements
  • Assistance for students who suffer from hunger and/or homelessness
  • To run for Student Senate, a student must be enrolled in three or more degree credits, pay supplemental fees and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. A degree credit student is defined as being enrolled in a credit bearing course and the credits from that course are applicable to a degree program.
  • New students are exempt from the GPA requirement.
  • Students elected to a Senate seat must be available to attend weekly meetings and fulfill the responsibilities of the role he or she holds.

Senators and officers receive a monetary stipend, relative to their roles, service and performance assessment. Stipends range from $125 to $750 per summer session or semester.

All personnel receive a name tag, Senate logo wear, service pin and certificate of involvement.

Some student leader roles provide for use of a college-owned laptop or a Senate-owned tablet.

Senators are eligible for one of three $500 annual Senate Leadership Merit Awards.

Senate leaders who serve on the College Assembly or one of the College Councils are also eligible to receive a stipend of up to $625 for a full year of service.

Join the Student Senate

Elected student leaders are full partners in the shared governance of Madison College, holding designated season on the College Assembly and each of the seven College Councils (academic, diersity and community relations, facilities and investments, fiscal management, human resources, student affairs and information technology).

As a Senate leader, you will:

  • Develop a sense of belonging and responsibility at Madison College
  • Learn about the college, local government, and state legislation
  • Enhance your time management, communication, and organizational skills
  • Participate in networking events to build influence, community involvement, and lasting friendships
  • Learn about marketing, event planning, financial management, and the value of teamwork in action