Student Records

Madison College's Enrollment Center maintains all student educational records.

Learn how Madison College protects your information.  

  • Student ID Number

    You are assigned a seven-digit number when you create your student account. This number becomes your student identification number, and is printed on your student ID card, or OneCard.

    We will ask for your Social Security number as part of the student record. These are kept in strict confidence. You have the option of not providing your Social Security number but this may delay processing of certain files.

    Your Social Security number is required for you to do the following:

  • Personal Information Change

    To change your name, social security number, or date of birth, please submit a Demographic Update Form. This form requires your myMadisonCollege username and password. Supporting documentation must also be submitted with the form. This form requires your myMadisonCollege username and password; if you do not remember this information, you can find your username/reset your password online.

    • Name: Must submit an original or certified copy of valid government issued photo ID, passport, or birth certificate with the request form. Preferred name updates do not require documentation.
    • Social Security Number: Must submit an original or certified copy of your social security card and copy of your government issued photo ID with the request form.
    • Date of Birth: Must submit an original or certified copy of valid government issued photo ID, passport, or birth certificate with the request form. 

    To change your mailing and personal email addresses:  Update within myMadisonCollege in the Personal Information section. Madison College utilizes US Postal Service (USPS) services to validate and update student addresses. Addresses are reviewed and standardized so they meet USPS deliverability standards. This includes incorporating National Change of Address authorizations to update your address on file if you notify USPS of an address change. Your physical address will not be modified in any way other than standardizing the address according to USPS standards and updating it should you report a change to USPS and not update your address with Madison College.


    To change your user name and school email address: Contact the Help Desk at (608) 246-6666 or in person at the Truax Campus, room B2277.

    It is up to you to keep your personal data current. This allows you to receive important messages from the college. It also gives us accurate information in the event of an emergency.

  • Enrollment Verification

    There are two ways to obtain proof that you are enrolled.

    1. The myMadisonCollege New Portal. Click the "Academic Records" tile and select Enrollment Verification.
    2. National Student Clearinghouse. You or any third party (health care provider, property manager, etc.) can submit a request to the clearinghouse.

    If you have a hold on your record, neither Madison College nor the National Student Clearinghouse can release your record until that obligation is met.

  • How to View Records

    If you want to view your official school records, notify the Enrollment Center in writing. It may take up to 45 days to process the request. You will be contacted when your records are ready for viewing.

    If you need photocopies of your records, you will be charged 10 cents per page. Please note that transcripts and test scores submitted to Madison College for admission or transfer credit are not part of your educational record. Therefore, we cannot provide copies of these documents. You must contact the schools directly to obtain those records.