Student Parent Resources

Madison College is proud to support student parents with the following resources: 

  • Madison College Moms is a Facebook group intended to connect women at Madison College who are new moms and moms-to-be. Through this forum, women can collaborate on insights, offer support, share tips and tricks, and assist each other. Members must have an active OneCard and be approved by the group's administrator.
  • Access convenient pre-K (ages 6 weeks to 5 years) childcare in our state licensed, accredited Early Learning Campus
  • The college designates Lactation Rooms specifically designed to allow women to express milk in privacy and comfort. Contact Madison College Public Safety at (608) 246-6932 to request access to the following private areas:
  • Truax Main Building - Room C2410
  • Health Education Building - Room 321
  • Protective Services Building - Room 170
  • Foundation Centre Building - Room 203B (available through 12/31/2022)
  • Goodman South Campus Building - Room 2WNA
  • Reedsburg Campus Building - Room 113
  • Note: If you are unable to find a designated room in any Madison College facility, please inquire at the front desk. We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.
  • Read about additional Student Parent Resources gathered by the Madison College Libraries team