Retention Services

Retention and student success are central to the mission of Madison College. Sometimes, things happen that make going to school more challenging. When this occurs, our dedicated advisors are available to assist you with to get back on track.  This includes assisting students with the processes below.

  • Early Alert Program

    Madison College uses an early alert system and encourages faculty to make timely referrals to improve learning and performance outcomes for students showing signs of academic difficulty and who have been unresponsive to previous inquiries from faculty. Through the Early Alert notification system, faculty work with advisors to intervene and establish contact with students to explore strategies to improve classroom performance and get back on track. Such timely interventions may assist in student retention and persistence to graduation.

    What is an Early Alert and why did I get one?

    An Early Alert is submitted by faculty who express concern about a student’s performance in class and previous attempts to connect with the student have been unsuccessful. Once a student is referred to the Early Alert program, the assigned advisor will attempt to contact and work with the student in an effort to improve the student’s academic performance and opportunity for success at Madison College.

    What should I do if I receive an Early Alert?

    Immediately contact your instructor and/or advisor to discuss the issue, determine what improvement is needed and learn more about support resources at the college.

    My instructor has not submitted an Early Alert, but I feel like I am struggling in class. what should I do?

    You should have a conversation with your instructor to discuss your class progress and/or contact an advisor for suggestions to get back on track.

    What are some of the reasons why an instructor would submit an Early Alert?

    An instructor might submit an Early Alert if you have had poor classroom attendance, have low exam scores, are missing assignments or have not responded to concerns from your instructor.

  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

    Advisors assist students with planning and paperwork related to Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress. This includes:

    • Appeal Form
    • Academic Plan
  • Ongoing Support

    Our experienced and caring staff serves as student advocates and are dedicated to helping improve your experience at Madison College from the first day through graduation.  Advisors are part of your Student Success Support Team and can assist with:

    • Help you clarify your educational goals
    • Help you develop an academic plan
    • Guide and assist with problem solving
    • Develop strategies for academic and personal success
    • Help you become aware of and connected to resources