Are you a student looking to get involved? WolfPack Connect is an excellent tool for all Madison College students, whether you are already involved in the campus community or just getting started. Download WolfPack Connect to discover the opportunities available to you as a Madison College student.

All registered clubs will be given a club page (under Groups) in WolfPack Connect. Advisors and club officers will be given access to post events in the club's page.

WolfPack Connect is a great resource for:

  • Discovering clubs/organizations
  • Finding virtual and on-campus events
  • Scheduling club meetings
  • Posting events and tracking attendance
  • Promoting fundraisers
  • Hosting discussions
  • Storing club files

Login or Get the App

You can log into the WolfPack Connect web app using your college credentials.

You can also download the free mobile app for convenience and quick access from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

WolfPack Connect
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Membership Process

Advisors and Officers have the ability to accept or decline memberships. In your club’s WolfPack Connect page, click on “About Me.” Under “Members,” you will see current officers and members. You should also see Pending Requests which are students who have requested to join your club.

Tips for a Successful Club Page

  • Officers should check their WolfPack Connect club page daily.
  • Administrators of the club’s page should update information weekly regarding news and events
  • Update the club’s calendar for club-specific events/activities (under the “Events” tab)
  • Add discussion posts or photos often. Posts and photos can be added in the “Discussion” section in your club’s page or “Student Feed” section.

Tracking Your Service Hours

Navigate to the group you are submitting the service hours for. Tap on Service Hours and then Submit Service Hours. Enter all requested information and then submit.