Required Health Insurance

F-1 Visa-holding International Students

Accidents happen and it's best to be prepared. Health care in the U.S. is extremely expensive and there are a lot of insufficient health insurance plans in the market. The Center for International Education (CIE) has researched best options and is happy to have a specific health insurance plan for international students offered by Group Health Cooperative (GHC). Your member number will be provided at orientation.

It is critical that you have this specific plan to ensure access to health care that meets our minimum expectations. All charges will be added to your student account. Payment is due on the same date as tuition and fees. 

Important: Coverage begins your first semester at Madison College and ends when CIE no longer supports your F-1 visa status - this includes summer, even if you are not taking classes or are traveling abroad. 

Waiver Process: The cost of group insurance will be added to your student account each semester. A waiver will be considered only if requested within the first 10 days of the semester and you meet ALL the eligibility requirements listed on the Waiver Request process. To start the Waiver Request process, log in with your Madison College email address and password. The waiver is not considered approved until CIE gets final notification from the insurance company, after which the insurance fee will be removed from your student account. 

Dependent Insurance: CIE strongly recommends additional health insurance coverage is purchased for dependents (spouse and/or children) who are in the U.S. with you. 2020-2021 rates are $378.51 per month for a student and one dependent or $567.76 per month for a student and two or more dependents. Request dependent coverage within the first 10 days of the semester insurance coverage will begin.

Average Health Care Costs Without Insurance

  • Routine office visit = $250+
  • Blood test = $600+
  • Emergency room visit = $500+
  • Ambulance ride = $750+
  • MRI = $3,000+

Terms to Know

  • Insurance Plan = An affordable way to help you pay for your health care needs
  • Provider = A doctor, physician, or health care professional
  • Network = The health care locations and providers your health insurance plan has contracted with to provide health care services
  • Claims = A request to the insurance company asking for payment of health care services based on the terms of the insurance plan


Care Options

Madison College Community Clinic (Primary Care Practitioner) - Majority of Issues

  • Madison College Health Education Building, Room 151A
    (608) 441-3220

Urgent Care - urgent, Non-Life Threatening Issues

  • Group Health Capital Clinic
    675 West Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703 | (608) 442-8100

Emergency Room - Critical or Life Threatening Emergencies

  • University of WI Hospital and Clinics
    600 Highland Ave, Madison | (608) 263-6400
  • UnityPoint Health - Meriter Hospital
    202 S. Park Street, Madison | (608) 417-6206

GHC NurseConnect - Health Care Advice 24/7

  • (608) 661-7350

Mental Health Counseling 24-Hour Helpline

  • (608) 280-2600

Suicide Prevention Crisis Lifeline:

  • (800) 273-8255
  • Or text the word "CONNECT" to 741741