Need to check on your academic progress and degree requirements? Good news – once you log into myMadisonCollege, there are a ton of tools you can use to help get what you need.

One of the most utilized tools in myMadisonCollege is called the “Degree Progress Report” – with this, you can:

  • Identify the courses you need to complete your program.
  • See how close you are to graduation.
  • View completed classes, transfer credit, and other credit for prior learning awarded.

Let’s walk you through the steps on how to use your Degree Progress Report and show you what other tools are available on myMadisonCollege.

How to Use Your Degree Progress Report

Watch the video to see a step-by-step guide on how to use your Degree Progress Report.

Find more information on the Degree Progress Report webpage.

Academic Progress Tile - Your Degree Progress Report
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More myMadisonCollege Tools

Learn how to use these other degree requirement tools on the myMadisonCollege portal.

  • How to Run a Degree Scenario (WHIF)

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click the "Academic Progress" tile
    3. Select "Degree Scenario" from the menu on the left
    4. Select an Area of Study
    5. Select a program from within that Area of Study and click Submit
    6. View the report in the new window
    7. Scroll through the program requirements to see where your current classes fit
    8. Click "Collapse All" to see a term-by-term summary of courses currently required for the program
    9. Click "Expand All" to see which classes you have taken meet those course requirements
  • How to Add Classes to Your Planner

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click the "Academic Progress" tile
    3. Once your Degree Progress page loads, review your remaining requirements to graduate. Categories are displayed in all capitalized headings
    4. Completed requirements have a green check, while incomplete requirements show a yellow diamond
    5. Click each incomplete requirement to view options for satisfying that requirement
    6. Click a class that satisfies the requirement and select "Add to Planner." (Click "View Classes" to see the sections of that class offered in the upcoming term)
    7. Click "Degree Progress" in the left navigation menu to return
    8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 until you have added your desired classes to the planner
    9. Select the "Go to Planner" button at the bottom of the page on the last class you added
    10. Open the Unassigned Courses and select a class to do one of the following: delete from the list, view specific classes offered in the upcoming term, or move this class to a specific term
    11. After you move a class to a specific term, click the " Planner" button in the upper left corner to return to your planner. Repeat steps 10-11 as necessary
    12. Open each term to view the classes you plan to take for that term
    13. Open each class from that term to view the classes offered for that term
  • How to Register for Classes From Your Planner

    1. Click the "Classes" tile
    2. Select the Academic Planning Tool in the left navigation menu
    3. Choose your Career, then select the proper term
    4. Open one of the classes in that term's list and click "View Classes"
    5. Click the class number for details. Click anywhere else on the class to select it for enrollment
    6. Click Next in the upper right corner
    7. To add that class to your shopping cart, select that option and click Next. You can add classes to your shopping cart in preparation for your enrollment date
    8. To enroll directly, select Enroll in Step 2
  • How to Register for Classes From Your Shopping Cart

    1. Select the Shopping Cart item in the left navigation menu
    2. Select the appropriate semester
    3. Select each class and click Enroll
    4. A green checkmark means the enrollment was successful; a red “x” means that you could not be added to the class. Review the Message for further explanation of the enrollment status
    5. Click the "View My Classes" button to verify results
  • How to Find Your Courses – For New Program Students

    Your Degree Progress lists the classes you must take to graduate from your program. Only students active in a program or certificate will have access to Degree Progress.

    To access your Degree Progress:

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click on the Academic Progress tile to view your Degree Progress. This interactive tool allows you to:
      • View satisfied, not satisfied, or in-progress requirements and classes
      • View your degree career summary (including GPA, credit for prior learning, etc.)
      • Search and enroll in classes
    3. Degree Progress Reports are not interactive. They provide a PDF version of your degree progress (best for printing)
    4. A green checkmark indicates that you have satisfied that requirement or class while a yellow diamond means it has not been satisfied
    5. By clicking on a class that satisfies a requirement, you will see the Course code, name, and when it's typically offered. Clicking on the course once more provides additional course details and provides the option to view all current sections or add them to your planner for future terms

    For help with course selection, download the Navigate App and self-schedule with your assigned academic advisor. You can also contact the Student Success Center at or 608.246.6076.

  • How to Find Your Courses – For Course-Taking/Undeclared Students

    You must be logged in to add classes to your cart or enroll.

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click on the "Classes" tile
    3. Click on "Class Search and Enroll"
    4. Select the term you wish to enroll in
    5. Enter a keyword (such as course, subject, class, topic) into the Search for Classes text box or click "Additional ways to search", enter applicable information, and click search
    6. A list of classes will populate. The list defaults to Open Classes Only but if you'd like to see all classes, click the "x" in the Open Classes Only box
    7. The left side of the screen shows additional criteria to filter by campus, location, instruction mode, meeting days, etc
    8. Clicking on a class will show more course information and sections of the class
    9. To learn how to add the class to your schedule, review the Add, Swap, Drop Classes section below
  • How to Check Your Class Schedule

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click on the "Classes" tile
    3. Click "View My Classes" in the left-hand navigation
    4. Your classes will be in list order. You can view enrolled, wait-listed, or dropped classes by checking the boxes near the top
  • How to Check Your Enrollment Date

    If you are a continuing program or certificate student, you will have an assigned registration date. This enrollment date allows you to enroll in classes before the general public.

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click on the "Classes" tile
    3. Click on "Enrollment Dates" found in the left-hand navigation bar
    4. Select the appropriate term and click "Continue"
    5. You may register on or after the date displayed. The sooner you register for classes, the more options you will have

    See the Academic Calendar for specific registration periods.

  • Find Your Textbooks

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click the "Classes" tile
    3. Expand the "Textbooks" menu item and select "Textbook Summary"
    4. Pick the appropriate term and click the green "Continue" button
    5. You will see your class schedule in the “List View” format. In the upper right-hand corner select "View Textbook Summary"

    Note: If there are no textbooks listed for a class, the instructor may not have posted the book requirement(s) yet or there is no book required. Be sure to check your class syllabus, when available, to ensure there are no book requirements

    Looking for more information on how to Rent Textbooks? Or maybe you’re looking for how to Pay for Books?

    Whether you plan to purchase your books in-person or online at the Madison College bookstore, be sure to have a copy of your class schedule and your OneCard (Student ID).

  • How to Pay for Your Classes Online

    1. Log into the myMadisonCollege Portal
    2. Click the "My Finances" tile
    3. Carefully review all charges on your account
    4. Click “Payment and E-Refund” in the left navigation menu
    5. Click "Make a Payment"
    6. This brings you to the Madison Area Technical College online bill payment page. You may explore the page by clicking on the different tabs
    7. Carefully read the "Authorized User's" tab as this has information on allowing others to make payments to your account
    8. Click “Payments” to make a payment
    9. Follow the prompts, fill in payment information and continue through to the confirmation screen
    10. When finished, log out in the top right corner of the page. We recommend closing the browser window after logging out for additional security