After applying for your Veterans Benefits at Madison College, eligibility does not stop there.  

We want to see all students succeed in their educational goals and gain the financial benefits they’ve put their time and effort into applying.  

Below are the general Maintenance Requirements and Responsibilities you will need to move forward with your enrollment at Madison College. 

You can also refer to this page should any of these circumstances happen – we're here to help!

Maintaining Your Eligibility  

Course to Program Completion 

The Federal VA requires Madison College to certify courses that the student's program requires certification. Refer to your degree progress report in your myMadisonCollege Student Center for further details.

We strongly encourage planning out your courses with your Academic Advisor and the Veterans Benefits Academic Advisor before your enrollment appointment date for the upcoming term. 

Repeated Courses 

If you enroll in a course more than once, the course will be certified if the initial grade earned was lower than required by your program of study. 

Course Mode of Instruction - The course mode of instruction, whether online or hybrid, may affect your BAH/MHA. 

Course Time and Length  

Students enrolled in classes that do not meet the entire term length may find their Basic Allowance for Housing and Monthly Housing Allowance adjusted throughout the term. The VA calculates these based on the number of days each course meets

Contact before each term begins for your course schedule review and if you would like to recalculate your Rate of Pursuit. 

Change in Enrollment 

Any changes in enrollment may create an overpayment and result in a debt to Madison College or the VA. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress 

Students who fail to meet the requirements below will receive a warning status in their enrollment. Failure to achieve the criteria in the semester following the warning may result in Madison College being unable to certify future enrollment: 

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher 
  • Cumulative completion percentage of 67 percent or higher 
  • Completion of your current program of study without exceeding 150% of the number of credits required to graduate 

Tuition and Fee Payments to Madison College 

If you owe tuition and fees to Madison College, we will receive payment from whatever payment source is on file. Students are responsible for any outstanding balance on their accounts and keep track of due dates. 

Verification of Enrollment 

For those receiving Chapter 30 or 1606: your attendance must be verified at the end of each month to receive your Monthly Housing Allowance

Learn more from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs WAVE or call the toll-free interactive voice response telephone line at 877.823.2378 to verify your attendance

Students who have established their eBenefits account may also verify attendance through eBenefits. 

If you are receiving Chapter 35 benefits: If your program number begins with 30 or 31, you must verify your attendance by calling 888.442.4551 at the end of each month of attendance. 

Grant reimburses state set program fees only upon satisfactory completion of the term (2.0 or higher GPA). Reimbursement forms finalize after final grades are submitted.

All Ch. 33 students must verify enrollment as of January 2022. The VA will reach out to any students using this benefit with instructions on enrollment verification. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in delayed MHA payments.