The general guideline to follow when applying for Veterans Benefits is to ensure you have read through all the options. To understand your options and how you will need to maintain those Veteran’s Benefits options for your success at Madison College.

Below is a list of dates and deadlines to have your applications sent in for timely veterans benefits disbursement, following the application process for both federal and state benefits.

How to Apply for Federal Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits Online Resources

Find veterans benefits information on these government websites for veterans, their spouses and dependents, and Reserve and National Guard members.


Spouse and Dependents

Reserve and National Guard

Federal Benefits Application Process

To apply for Federal Veterans Education Benefits, follow the process below. Applicants are required to submit military documentation.

  1. Apply online at Under the How do I apply? section, the Find your Education Benefits Form will help you figure out which benefits form is right for you. You can also visit your local County Veteran Service Office (CVSO) for assistance.
  2. Submit a program application if not admitted into an eligible program of study. Only classes required for graduation from one of the financial aid eligible programs of study can be certified.
  3. You must register for your classes before you can receive Veterans Benefits. In addition, military service members may request a Priority Registration Date.
  4. Submit the Madison College VA Enrollment form (PDF). This form must be on file before Madison College can certify federal veteran educational benefits.
  5. Submit all documentation to the Madison College Enrollment Services via mail, email, fax, or in-person. Certification of Eligibility: After completing the application for Federal VA Educational Benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) indicating your eligibility and entitlement. You must submit a copy of this COE. You may also turn in a screenshot of your eBenefits if you have already established your eligibility and cannot find your COE. Transcripts - If you are receiving Federal GI Bill benefits, the VA requires you to submit military transcripts and prior official college transcripts. DD214 - If you are receiving Federal VA Education benefits under your military service, you must submit a copy of Member Copy 4 of your DD214.
  6. After the Madison College Veterans Educational Benefits Office receives your documentation, they will review the classes you enrolled in to determine if they are need-based. The results are dependent on the curriculum of your program of study. Certain classes require you to graduate from the program and be certified by the VA. Once the Federal VA receives your information, they will review the claim to determine your eligibility. If the Federal VA determines you are eligible, they will authorize payment of benefits. You may need to verify your enrollment each month to receive funds.
  7. If you are receiving Veterans benefits, you must verify your enrollment each month. Verify your enrollment by calling 877.823.2378 or visit online to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE). Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, Chapter 35 (depending on your program), Chapter 33 – Must verify by phone or text and cannot use WAVE.
  8. Expected payment depends entirely on the VA. Payment may take up to four weeks after classes start if this is the first time you are using Federal Education benefits. Starting the process can be as early as two weeks after starting your classes if you have previously used Federal Education Benefits. Enroll in your classes as soon as you can, as the Federal VA processes claims in the order they are received.

How to Apply for State Veterans Benefits

Wisconsin GI Bill Tuition Remission Program

The Wisconsin GI Bill® provides program and material fee remission (forgiveness) for eligible veterans and eligible dependents of veterans who were killed or became disabled in the line of duty.

What It Covers

The WI GI Bill does not waive 100% of tuition and fees. It only waives State-set program, material, and online fee types. The student is responsible for paying the uncovered portion, including academic achievement fee, supplemental fee, uniform fee, textbook, etc.

Funding Limit

Funding is limited to eight full-time semesters or 128 credits.

State Benefits Application Process

Eligibility requirements and applying for WI GI Bill remission are on the Wisconsin GI Bill website. You can also obtain the packet at the Madison College Enrollment Center. You can also get help at the county Veterans Service office if you need assistance.

To establish WI GI Bill remission at Madison College, you must complete the following steps.

  1. Complete the Wisconsin GI Bill Application - WDVA 2029 Form (PDF) and submit it to Madison College within 14 days starting the semester or June 1 for the summer semester.
  2. Complete the Request for Certification - WDVA 2030 Form (PDF) and submit it to the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA). The WDVA will forward a copy to Madison College once your application is processed. Follow the instructions on the form closely, as it requires you to submit additional documentation alongside it. You only need to complete the form once while you attend Madison College.
  3. To be eligible, you must register for degree credit classes. Classes covered by other financial aid options are ineligible for WI GI Bill tuition remission. Military service members may request a Priority Enrollment Date.
  4. WI GI Bill eligibility is a two-part process. Madison College School Certifying Officials (WDVA) will certify eligibility (a three- to four-week process). Madison College also determines eligibility for the student (Veteran, spouse, or child) for tuition remission based on state law and class eligibility.
  5. The Student Financials Office applies funding to your account after the above is complete. The earliest disbursement date follows after the Pell Recalculation Date. You can review your Account Activity in myMadisonCollege to see the funding applied to your account.
  6. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to continue your eligibility status. Previous cumulative GPAs on file will be under review before processing your WI GI Bill remission. If you have a cumulative GPA that falls below 2.0 at the end of the term, you will no longer be able to use WI GI Bill remission until you have a 2.0 GPA.

Students that file for a break in enrollment (this does not include the summer semester) must reapply for the WI GI Bill with Madison College. We require that any student who takes a Spring or Fall semester break will need to submit an updated copy of the WDVA form 2029.

Required Forms for Veterans Benefits Application

Wisconsin GI Bill Forms for Veterans

  • WDVA Form 2029
  • DD214

Wisconsin GI Bill Forms for Spouses/Dependents

  • WDVA Form 2029
  • Dependent of the Veteran will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate.
  • Spouse/stepchild of veteran or marriage certificate indicating relationship to the student applicant.
  • Proof of Residency

Spouse/Dependents Proof of Residency Information

Home of Record

Spouses and Children of veterans may qualify for WI GI Bill remissions if they are a resident of Wisconsin, the surviving spouse, current spouse, or child of an eligible Wisconsin veteran with a Home of Record of Wisconsin. Spouses and children of veterans must submit proof of residency to Madison College when applying for the WI GI Bill. (A veteran qualifies for the WI GI Bill through HOR)

You must submit a copy of your driver's license and tax documents.

Five-year Residency

The spouse or child must have lived in the state for at least five years before enrollment and the veteran was not a Wisconsin resident when they entered military service. This requirement includes spouses and children that seek to use WI GI Bill based on a five-year residency. (A veteran qualifies for the WI GI Bill under the 5-year residency requirement)

In this case, the spouse or dependent must submit a notarized affidavit form (PDF) available from the college they want to attend to verify that they meet the residency requirement.

Military Spouse Career Advancement – How to Apply

Apply for MyCAA financial assistance and enroll at Madison College by following the instructions below.

  1. Set up a profile on MyCAA.
  2. Review and digitally sign (by entering your username and password) the MyCAA online Statement of Understanding (SOU) Terms and Conditions.
  3. Develop a Career and Training Plan as soon as possible. MyCAA does not reimburse for classes that have already started.
  4. Use the "School Search" function under the "Resources" tab; you can search for Madison College by selecting "Wisconsin (WI)" from the drop-down bar or clicking on the letter "M." 
  5. Apply for admission to a program at Madison College if you wish to receive MyCAA financial assistance. New students must apply to a program of study at Madison College.
  6. Register for classes that are required to complete your program.

Financial assistance is paid directly to schools and other payees registered in the AI portal.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.