Madison College can provide educational benefits to assist veterans, including the spouses and dependents entitled to Veteran's educational benefits. Survivors of veterans, reservists, and members of the National Guard may be eligible for Veterans Benefits.

There are two types of Veterans Benefits: benefits provided by our federal government and benefits provided by the state of Wisconsin.

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Eligibility Criteria  

There are some specific criteria you will have to meet for Veterans Benefits. These criteria will vary for each federal and state program.

Eligibility criteria for Wisconsin students are in the state laws (WIS.Stats.Ch.45)

For Federal programs, you can view the eligibility requirements for each program by visiting the page Understand Your Benefits listed below.

College Financing Plan

The College Financing Plan is developed for you to compare the estimated costs of colleges and the types and amounts of aid available. The costs listed are subject to change and aid is contingent upon the student meeting all eligibility requirements. The example below contains an estimated College Financing Plan for a first time freshman with eligibility for a maximum federal Pell Grant.

Sample College Financing Plan (PDF)

Understand Your Benefits

Looking for specific eligibility and enrollment criteria for certain Veterans Benefits programs? Learn which program is right for you.

Apply for Benefits

You are ready to apply for Veterans Benefits and know which benefits are right for you. We'll walk you through what the application process will be like for federal and state programs.

Maintain Your Benefits

Maintaining eligibility throughout your enrollment is crucial to claiming Veterans Benefits. Learn how to maintain your enrollment status and eligibility.

Need Help? 

Do you have questions on how to apply for the Wisconsin GI Bill or help to navigate through the option for federal benefits? 

Our team is ready and available to help!