The Federal Work Study Program is a type of aid that provides funding in the way of part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial needs.

Opportunities under the Work Study Program can help you earn financial assistance to help fund your educational expenses, while also gaining experience that can help jumpstart your career.

Madison College receives a certain amount of funds each academic year from the federal government for the Work Study program. Since funding is limited and is first-come, first-served.

Am I Eligible for Work Study?

The basic requirements a student at Madison College must meet to be eligible for Work Study:

  • Answer “YES” to the question on the FAFSA asking if you are interested in Work Study opportunities. The Financial Aid Office awards students automatically and have (pre-covid) allocated to the entire amount of Work Study funds before the start of the semester.
  • You must be enrolled in 6 eligible credits to hold a position funded by Work Study.
  • Work Study opportunities start from $14.00 with flexible hours up to 20 hours a week throughout the academic year.
  • Payment from a Work Study job is bi-weekly in the form of paychecks based on the number of hours worked, which can be 20 hours per week. (Your earnings are not deducted from what you owe at Madison College.)

How Is Work Study Determined?

Work Study is awarded depending on financial needs after completing the FAFSA form. It can also be determined by:

  • The amount of other financial aid received that semester.
  • The availability of funds at Madison College.

After accepting Work Study listed on your award notice, check out the on and off-campus Work Study opportunities we have listed on Handshake.

What If I Am Not Eligible for Work Study?

If you aren’t eligible for the Federal Work Study program, you may be able to get a position in Student Help.

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in 6 eligible credits. Like Work Study, you are limited to 20 hours of work per week during the academic year. If you are interested in Student Help opportunities, check out Handshake for on and off campus student jobs.

What if I didn’t get a Work Study Award? Students can contact the Financial Aid Office to see if funding is still available.

Work Study and Student Help are great opportunities to jumpstart your career before graduation, while also paying for your college needs. Apply for Financial Aid now to learn if you’re eligible.