Grants are funds that are given to you by the federal and state government to help finance your education.

Enrollment Criteria for Grants

As long as you attend and complete all your scheduled classes, this is aid that you won’t owe back after graduation. Federal regulation requires The Financial Aid Office to review the percentage of federal aid provided and what was earned by the student. Any unearned aid is required to be sent back to the Department of ED within 30-45 days.

Federal grants are not available if you have already completed a bachelor's or professional degree program – including those programs in another (or foreign) country, including completing the equivalent academic program curriculum requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

The most important thing you can do to determine your eligibility for any student grants is to fill out the FAFSA form. This will have to be filled out every year; dates on filing and submitting your FAFSA can be found below. Certain grants have their own criteria to meet for enrollment and status.

Your eligibility is determined based on two main things:

  1. Your financial need - which is the difference between your cost of attendance.
  2. Your expected family contribution - which is calculated based on the information you provide on the FAFSA. Certain programs may also have additional requirements.

Types of Grants

There are two different types of Grants you may be eligible for – federal grants and state grants.

Get information on the requirements of these grants.