If you meet the eligibility requirements, the financial aid Book Charge program allows students to use up to $800 of your financial aid award to pay for books and supplies during designated times each semester. This may apply to you if you are renting textbooks from the Madison College bookstore.

This is an optional program, so if you decide not to use the Book Charge, your financial aid will disburse as normal.

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Spring 2023 Book Charge Dates - January 9 to January 27. 

Book Charge Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Book Charge Program, you’ll have to meet the requirements listed below:

How to Charge Books Online

  1. Visit the bookstore online.
  2. Find the books for your courses on the bookstore site. You can find all ISBN information for all required course textbooks in the online class detail and course syllabus.
  3. Select Financial Aid for your payment type and enter your student ID number for the account number.
  4. Get your books shipped directly to you or you can pick them up at any Madison College campus bookstore.

How to Charge Books In-person

You can visit the Madison College bookstore in person and charge your books there.

  1. Provide the bookstore with your One Card.
  2. Find the books for your courses using your class schedule or get them from your course syllabus.

Returning Books

If you charged your books using your financial aid, you may return them according to the bookstore return policy.

If the book meets the return criteria, a credit will be applied to your myMadisonCollege account. Books cannot be returned for cash.

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