Explore how financial aid works. Find resources to help you understand your financial aid, including how to accept or decline aid, how to use it to pay your tuition and books and how financial aid refunds work.

How to Accept or Decline Financial Aid

After being approved for financial aid funds, you have the option to accept, decline, or set a certain amount you’d like to cover. Learn about entrance counseling for first-time federal student load borrowers and Master Promissory Notes (MPN), where you promise to repay your loans, interest and fees.

Accept or Decline Your Aid

How to Pay Your Tuition With Financial Aid

Learn how disbursement funds from your accepted financial aid get transferred into your Madison College account to cover the costs of tuition, fees and books.

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How to Pay for Books

Learn how the Book Charge program allows students to use financial aid to pay for books and supplies during designated times each semester.

Learn About Book Charge

How to Get a Financial Aid Refund

When more funds are deposited into your student account than the amount you owed to the college, this is when you will receive a refund. Learn how to return a financial aid refund to reduce your student debt.

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