Financial aid comes from the federal government, state government and private sources. It is important to understand the details of the financial aid process; it can be complex. Check out the pages linked below to learn more.

Types of Financial Aid

Learn how to qualify for financial aid, the type of fund available (grants, loans and work-study) and when to apply.

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Apply for Financial Aid

Follow a step-by-step process and key dates and deadlines for applying for financial aid.

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Apply Each Year!
Remember that you must apply for financial aid each academic year.

Understand Your Financial Aid

Learn how to use your financial aid, such as accepting or declining aid, paying tuition and books and getting financial aid refunds.

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Maintain Your Financial Aid

Learn how to maintain your financial aid by meeting your responsibilities such as meeting certain academic standards, what happens if you drop a class and how to reinstate your aid.

Maintain Your Aid

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