Optical Dispensary

Purchase your next pair of glasses from Madison College's Optical Dispensary. 

The dispensary is operated for the purpose of educating future optometric technicians in the techniques of eyewear selection, ordering, adjustment, and repair. 

Optical dispensary services are available to current MATC students, staff, and faculty, Madison College Alumni Association members, and Madison College retirees. 

Dispensary Hours 

By appointment only. 

Make an appointment today! 608.246.6272 or optical@madisoncollege.edu

Health Education Building Room 271
1705 Hoffman Street, Madison

Vision Screening Services 

Free vision screenings are available for Madison College staff, students, and the public. *Currently not available. 

Screenings are performed during the spring semester by Optometric Technician students and may include: 

  • Eye pressure test 
  • Visual acuity measurement 
  • Color vision test 
  • Depth perception assessment 
  • Pupil reflex testing 
  • Blood pressure measurement 

All tests are performed under the direct supervision of an instructor. Key findings will be given to you in written form. Your visit is not a complete eye exam. Eyeglass prescriptions will not be given.

Schedule your screening: 608.246.6272 or optical@madisoncollege.edu