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Wolfpack Wisdom Student Channel is a YouTube channel with over 100 videos on almost everything a student needs to know and how to be successful on campus. Videos are student-produced, with students creating the videos, writing the scripts, performing, and editing to share what they know other students need to know.

Start your college journey a step ahead with Wolfpack Wisdom Student Channel. Check out our featured playlists called:

  • What’s Up WolfPack features 42 student services offered at the college.
  • Madison College Knowledge includes videos about more technical information such as how to use the Navigate app, financial aid, how to pay for college, and more.
  • How2UseMyMadisonCollege features videos on how to run a degree scenario, view, and order transcripts, and how to use the student portal.

We also have a few other playlists such as:

The channel will help students, especially new students, navigate the college and learn how to have a successful college career.

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