Music courses at Madison College provide students with an understanding of the experience, history and theory of music as well as opportunities to perform.


For the music enthusiast, Madison College offers students the opportunity to enroll in a variety of music courses as part of the Liberal Arts Transfer program. Enhance your enjoyment of music by enrolling in Music Appreciation, World Music, History of Pop and Rock Music, and Blues to Hip-Hop: Black American Music which seek to explain the historical and cultural contexts of various styles of music. Develop your music notation and analytical skills with Music Theory Fundamentals, or learn how to play the piano in Class Piano 1. Enroll in the high-energy World Drumming Ensemble to learn exciting samba rhythms from Brazil and other hand drumming styles. No experience necessary.

Madison College offers multiple opportunities to strengthen and share your talents. Choose from seven different music ensembles to nurture your passion for music. Each ensemble performs on and off campus, focusing on making new connections locally and helping to make Madison and the surrounding area the culturally rich community it is. If you are a student enrolled in any degree-credit course at Madison College, you do not need to register for most of our music ensembles and can participate for free (with the exception of World Drumming Ensemble and Chorale). However, if you would like to earn degree-credit for your participation, you can enroll in any one of the music ensembles as a music department course.

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Music Courses

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Survey and History

Skills and Theory


Qualified students who enroll in the Madison College Honors Program have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member to research and develop an Honors Project in a particular discipline. By completing an Honors Project, you will receive general elective credits that may count toward your degree or certificate.



Joseph Bernstein, Part-time Music Faculty

Jamie Kember, Part-time Music Faculty
Co-Music Director, Big Band and Jazz Combo Director

Alison Hooper, Part-time Music Faculty

Elizabeth Marshall, Part-time Music Faculty

Dr. Tim Patterson, Full-time Music Faculty
Co-Music Director, Music Department Chair,
World Drumming Ensemble Director
Office: A1023B, Truax
Phone: (608) 243-4468

Christopher Pierce, Part-time Music Faculty

Dr. Jessica Schwefel, Part-time Music Faculty
Chorale and Choral Collective Director

Joe Messner, Municipal Band Conductor


Walter, Blake | Community Orchestra Conductor



Emily Nolte | Community Orchestra and Choral Collective Librarian

Jeff Takaki | Municipal Band and Jazz Librarian