Military Service Members Priority Registration

If you are an active-duty military service member or a veteran, you may request an earlier registration date. You may not register outside your designated registration group as described on the Student Status page's Program Status tab.  

Request your priority date. Complete and submit the Military Service Priority Registration Request Form (PDF, 63KB). You must also provide one of the following:

  • DD214/DD215
  • NDB22/22A - National Guard report of separation and record of service
  • Reserve Credit Report and "Discharge Order & Point Summary"
  • Commander's letter
  • Current orders
  • Letter from county veterans services officer

While photocopies are acceptable, we prefer original documentation. If applicable, a discharge must be verified as Honorable or General under Honorable Conditions.

If you need help with documentation, visit these links.

Also, please note:

  • You may not transfer your priority enrollment date to anyone else.
  • You may make this request whether you use veterans benefits or not.
  • Once you are deemed eligible, that eligibility will remain for as long as you take classes at Madison College.