BIPOC Mental Health Awareness

July 2022

During this year’s Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) mental health awareness month Madison College wants to empower our community members to talk openly about mental illness, recognize symptoms, utilize local resources, and seek help.  

Mental health is more than the absence of mental illness; not everyone will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, but everyone will have experiences that challenge their mental health from time to time. everyone can engage supports and resources to help strengthen your mental health. There is no health without mental health. 

Mental health and wellbeing resources


  • You @ Madison College. A comprehensive mental wellness platform for students and employees to cultivate mental resilience.
  • Assess Your Mental Health. Complete an anonymous, online screening to help you determine if your recent thoughts or behaviors may be associated with a common, treatable mental health issue. Get connected to informational materials about what you can do to help yourself.
  • Assess Alcohol & Marijuana Risks. Complete an anonymous, online screening to understand your individual patterns of drinking or cannabis use to identify risk patterns and access resources at Madison College and in the community.
  • Mental Health Library Guide. Mental health matters. This Student Mental Health library guide provides information on mental health resources for students, both on and off-campus.

Madison College Support Services

  • Counseling Services. Trained counselors help in a crisis or when you need just a little support, be it emotionally, academically or with conflict management.
  • Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office is committed to creating a community of care by providing support, guidance, prevention, intervention, and referral services to the college community.
  • Student Health Educator. Our Student Health Educator will help you navigate health and wellness resources at the college and in our communities. Get in touch:
  • Scholars of Color Mentoring Program. The Scholars of Color Mentoring Program (SCMP) empowers students to realize their full potential by developing life skills, strong character, and leadership abilities. Through mentoring relationships and student engagement programming, SCMP serves to strengthen communities of color at Madison College.

Community Support Services

  • Healing Our Hearts Foundation. Healing Our Hearts is a community-based grief support organization that focuses on providing support and education to families who have experienced a loss and/or other complex conditions.
  • Anesis - Center for Marriage and Family Therapy. Anesis Therapy (ACMFT) is a state certified DHS clinic that provides mental health, substance abuse and case management services.
  • Sankofa Behavioral and Community Health. Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health is a not-for-profit certified outpatient behavioral health clinic.
  • Centro Hispano of Dane County. Centro aims to engage and empower the community it serves through a variety of programs, events and collaborations with community partners. Programs are focused on promoting health and wellbeing (physical and socio-emotional).
  • Journey Mental Health Center – Clinica Latina. Services provided in Spanish are based on assessment and include therapy, AODA counseling and psychiatry. Access to services occurs within two to three weeks of referral.
  • Unidos. UNIDOS provides direct services and support to victims of domestic violence, and sexual assault in the form of advocacy, support groups, as well as connecting victims with community resources. As a culturally specific agency, the target population is the Latino, immigrant community/refugees.

Health and Wellness Resources

  • Mindfulness and Mental Strength. Headspace provides meditation and mindfulness tools to help you create life-changing habits to support your mental health and find a healthier, happier you. Use your email address to access this resource at no cost.
  • Weekly Workouts. Access weekly workouts through the TeamBuildr App. Workouts are posted one week in advance.
  • Fitness Center. All degree students have access to the fitness center with their OneCards and Madison College employees can access the fitness center at no cost through September 30, 2022. Check out these video tutorials before visiting the fitness center to learn more about how to use some of the available equipment.
  • Health, Fitness and Wellness Courses. Explore some of the noncredit course options for anyone exploring pathways to wellness. Breathe. Move. Repeat. Physical activity is good for your body and mind.

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Join us in bringing awareness

bipoc mental health awareness month

Go green online 

  • Change your social media profile picture to the green ribbon icon.
  • Add the green ribbon icon to your email signature
  • Use a green background when attending a virtual event

Encourage your family and friends to do the same! 

Get your green on 

Help turn Madison College green —the color of mental health awareness— on Fridays in May by sharing a green selfie using #MadisonCollege. Post a photo of you wearing green ribbons, t-shirts, nails, hair, makeup, jewelry, ties, and other accessories.

Mindful Mile

Improve your mental health outdoors with a self-guided mindfulness walk. Each path is approximately 1-mile.