Lockers are available to students at many Madison College campuses. Locker use policies vary from campus to campus. Policies for the Truax campus are outlined below. To learn about locker availability and policies at other campuses, please visit your campus office.

Truax Lockers

Students have the option to register a locker again starting July 1st, 2021. Madison College is not supplying locks (this may change in the future). A student can put their lock on a locker but MUST register the locker here or by stopping into Student Life, Room B1260. If the locker is not registered, your lock may be cut and items removed.

Lockers are cleaned out annually for safety and health reasons. The deadline for removing your belongings from your locker is the Friday of finals week during the spring semester (Spring 2022 - May 13, 2022 deadline).

Your cooperation in removing your belongings helps ensure that we can continue to offer free locker space. Students who fail to remove items from their lockers may be subject to fines. Madison College is not responsible for items stolen or missing from lockers.

If you have problems with your locker throughout the year, contact Student Life in Room B1260 at the Truax Campus.