Legal Clinic

Legal issues can be a big obstacle for students and other community members. Madison College has partnered with Lawyers for Learners in offering free legal advice to students and our community members.

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The free Legal Clinic at Madison College can help with issues like:

  • Bankruptcy or debt
  • Criminal Records
  • Driver's License Recovery
  • Employment or business
  • Family matter
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Life Planning
  • Public Benefits
  • And more

Self Service Resources

Legal help is provided by the following organizations:

  • Ascendium Education Group
  • City of Madison Department of Civil Rights
  • Community Immigration Law Clinic
  • Community Justice, Inc.
  • Family Court Clinic (FCC)
  • Greater Wisconsin Area on Aging Resources (GWAAR)
  • Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.
  • Law & Entrepreneuership Clinic
  • Legal Action of Wisconsin
  • Madison College
  • Madison College Legal Studies/Paralegal Program
  • Neighborhood Law Clinic
  • Ogden, Glazer and Schaefer
  • Schuster Family Law
  • Stafford Rosenbaum LLP

Request Legal Assistance


Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) provides space for local legal service providers to offer free and confidential legal assistance to Madison College students and the Madison College community. Madison College does not provide legal advice or assistance. 

Please be advised that you are receiving legal advice from a participating legal service provider, who is an independent entity. This means that Madison College and their agents are not responsible for any advice given to you. Such advice is given solely by the legal service provider, who is not an agent, employee or representative of Madison College and its agents. 

You are further advised that the legal service provider may not represent you in any claim or action against Madison College, or any subdivision or affiliate thereof, or any agency or agent thereof. The legal service provider also may not represent you in any claim, action or matter in which Madison College is a party or has a legal interest.