The Madison College Journalism Department offers professional writing and visual journalism courses for a wide range of students.


Our philosophy is one that is inclusive, rather than exclusive. We invite students to experience journalism through one or two of our courses and encourage students to "test out" their interest in the media by contributing to Madison College's student news organization, The Clarion. If students feel journalism is a right fit for their interests, personality and life goals, we encourage students to continue taking journalism courses with the intent of earning a Journalism Certificate.


The Journalism Certificate can be used as a platform to a four-year program. Or, it can help an individual land an internship position, a part-time job or full-time work in a small media organization, such as a weekly newspaper or radio station, or in a public relations department of an organization.



Journalism Courses

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Qualified students who enroll in the Madison College Honors Program have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member to research and develop an Honors Project in a particular discipline. By completing an Honors Project, you will receive general elective credits that may count toward your degree or certificate.


Full-Time Faculty

Larry D. Hansen (Department Co-Chair)
Office: A1023A, Truax
Phone: (608) 258-2389

Prior to teaching, Larry D. Hansen was a journalist for daily newspapers and magazines for about 15 years. He has been staff reporter for newspapers such as Maine Sunday Telegram, The Northeastern magazine, and The Redwood Gazette, as well as being a regular contributor to USA Today. In addition, he has contributed stories to more than 100 publications, such as Seattle Times, Boston Globe, New Zealand Herald, The Western Australian, Venture magazine, New Hampshire Times, and the Portland Magazine, to name a few. With a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Minnesota State University/Mankato, Larry later earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Literary Journalism from Goddard College in Vermont. His master’s thesis evolved into a 387-page manuscript about his 16-month journey traveling America and documenting his perceptions of myriad subcultures within our country: the Hopi Indians of Arizona, the Amish of Pennsylvania, the Cajuns of the Louisiana bayou, to name a few. Larry has been a full-time communications and journalism instructor at Madison College since 1997. He is also the lead co-chair of the college’s Communications and Performing Arts Department.

Part-Time Faculty

Natasha Kassulke

Natasha Kassulke is the manager of strategic communications for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE) at UW-Madison, former editor of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine and past president of the board for The Daily Cardinal Media Corporation. Before that, she was an event planner/publications advisor at UW-Madison and speechwriter for the DNR Secretary. She began her career covering breaking news events for the Wisconsin State Journal and went on to earn a column as a feature writer. She reported for the Wisconsin State Journal for 10 years. She has led social media efforts at the DNR as well as at the OVCRGE. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and biology from Edgewood College and a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from UW-Madison.

Terry Bell

Radio news veteran Terry Bell’s name is familiar to many in Madison and around Wisconsin. He shares his nearly 30 years of broadcast journalism experience with his students at Madison College. As an anchor/reporter for the Wisconsin Radio News Network, Terry's newscasts can be heard every weekday morning on WIBA-AM in Madison and WISN-AM in Milwaukee. Terry's work has been recognized with numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, The Associated Press, The Milwaukee Press Club, and the Northwest Broadcast News Association. Terry is also the former longtime host of "Morning Edition" on Wisconsin Public Radio. Prior to that, Terry worked in radio and television news in Oshkosh, La Crosse, and Eau Claire. Terry holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He was honored with the Douglas Carnes Memorial Scholarship, UW-L's highest award for broadcast journalism achievement. Terry has been teaching a wide array of journalism courses at Madison College since 2014. He's also a visiting instructor of journalism at Beloit College.

Cathy DeShano

Cathy DeShano’s passion for journalism was ignited by a middle school teacher, and she has been interviewing people and writing ever since. Cathy has have more than a decade of professional experience as a writer and editor for both newspapers and print and online magazines. In recent years, she recruited and trained community members for a citizen journalism website, Madison Commons, to report on the people, issues, and ideas of their neighborhoods and the city at-large. Cathy has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master of Science Degree in Journalism from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Alma College.

Nancy Stillwell

Nancy Stillwell is an Emmy-winning video journalist with experience in news, children’s and educational programming. She wrote and produced high-energy segments for Wisconsin Public Television’s acclaimed children’s show “Get Real!” Her work on “Get Real!” was recognized with two Midwest Emmy Awards. Nancy spent 17 years in TV newsrooms working in front of and behind the camera. She won both an AP Wisconsin Award and a Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association Award for a her documentary, “Standing Up to Stalkers.” Nancy received her bachelor’s degree in in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a master’s degree in communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


Journalism is an exciting, rewarding career. Journalists have the unique opportunity to travel, investigate issues, and interview fascinating people.

And then they get paid to tell a story about what they see, hear, and experience.

While it is true that some of today's nonfiction storytellers -- journalists -- have had challenges because of the changing dynamics of today's media, there are still career opportunities for entry-level news reporters, feature writers, copy editors, public relations writers, photojournalists, social media writers, video journalists. and graphic designers. Consider these facts: 

  • New media: Journalists who have "new media" skills -- i.e. podcasting; video storytelling; interactive map design -- in addition to their reporting acumen are attractive candidates to media organizations looking to hire multi-talented journalists.

  • Shift of news delivery: The delivery of news has shifted from the traditional to the untraditional. Meaning, many non-profit organizations, such as environmental or political groups, have Web sites that deliver news reports, feature stories, and multimedia stories to those who visit these sites.



Madison College has established many internship programs with local media, public relations agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Through these internship programs, our journalism students have the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and make important media and industry connections. In addition, journalism internship students can earn college credits while working at their internship locations.  

Below are examples of internship possibilities for journalism students:

  • Madison365
  • WORT-FM radio
  • WMTV NBC 15
  • WMSN Fox 47 News
  • Wisconsin Public Radio
  • ESPN 100.5 Madison
  • Brava Magazine
  • Wisconsin State Journal
  • Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine
  • Progressive Magazine
  • The Clarion
  • Madison College Public Relations Office
  • Isthmus newspaper
  • Lee Enterprises Design Center
  • Brava Magazine
  • Ideas That Evoke (public relations)
  • WMOJA magazine
  • Madison Commons (community news site)
  • Wisconsin Newspaper Association
  • Kiio (public relations office)
  • Capital K9s (public relations office)
  • Googolplex (news/educational website)
  • Madison Children’s Museum (public relations office)
  • Special Olympics Wisconsin (public relations office)
  • Wisconsin Union Theater (video information office)
  • WWMV-LP 95.5
  • Simpson Street Free Press (mentoring/overseeing)

Transfer Options

Will Madison College journalism courses transfer?
Yes! Madison College journalism courses will transfer to the UW system and many other four-year universities. However, how the courses transfer depends on the university to which you would like to attend.

International Study

Students from countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, and Costa Rico have traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to study journalism at Madison College. Also, students from other countries have taken Madison College journalism courses via the Internet. For instance, one semester, the program's World Issues Journalism course consisted of Madison College students and foreign students studying world development issues at a Norwegian university. Through web conference technology, Madison College students were able to share their perspectives of issues such as water, energy, and world conflict with students originally from countries such as Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Iceland, Bosnia, and Norway. 

Madison College journalism students also have the opportunity to travel abroad to study in a wide variety of foreign countries throughout the world. In addition, World Issues Journalism students will have the opportunity in the summer of 2020 to travel to Kenya for a seven-day foreign travel experience (including a safari) through a program established by the college’s International Studies program.

Students interested in a journalism internship, transfer options, or international study can contact Larry D. Hansen at or (608) 258-2389 for more information.