Next Steps for New International Students

To get started as a new international student at Madison College, please carefully review and complete the next steps below. It is important to complete these tasks before the semester begins.

  1. Attend International Orientation

    Attendance is Mandatory!

    All international students new to Madison College are required to attend International Orientation and are enrolled in a one-credit New International Student Seminar course. Fees apply.*


    Upcoming International Orientations

    Plan to arrive in Madison at least two full days before International Orientation to allow for unexpected travel delays and adjustment with travel fatigue and jet lag. Accuplacer placement testing must be completed prior to International Orientation. Accuplacer testing may be taken while abroad or upon arrival to campus.


    Summer Semester: 


    May 20 - Arrive by this date in Madison, Wisconsin

    May 24 - Complete Accuplacer Placement Testing and online check-in by this date

    May 24 – Attend Virtual International Orientation (more info will be sent to students regarding registration)

    May 31- Classes Start


    *Important Fee Information:

    Orientation Fee - No Charge
    Missed Orientation Fee - $50 charged if you miss any part of the orientation.

    The New International Student Seminar class (not required for summer) is a required course for fall and spring terms and non-resident tuition fees apply. See item #3 for more information and to register!


    What to Expect

    • Welcome to Campus
    • Get to know incoming international students
    • Information on the following topics:


    Additional Orientation Events for All Students

    We strongly encourage you to participate in these new student events: 

    Advising and Registration (A&R)
    In order to get the best choice of classes, sign up for and complete your online self-service Advising and Registration session early.  Within a week of completing the online self-service Advising and Registration session, you will receive an email from an academic advisor with a personalized recommended class schedule for your first semester. 

    If you need additional assistance after completing the online Advising and Registration session and need to meet one on one with an academic advisor, we can help get you connected. 

    WolfPack Welcome
    New students will learn about:

    • getting your student ID card
    • parking permit/bus pass
    • getting your textbooks
    • tutoring and free academic services such as writing and math center
    • library services
    • how to meet with your instructors and get involved on campus
    • connect with fellow students and meet with college staff


  2. Register for Course Placement Testing

    The course placement test will determine your placement for math, English and other courses. You will need certain scores to meet the requirements for some courses.

    Currently in the U.S.? Take the placement test as soon as possible so you are ready to enroll!

    Currently abroad? You can take the test remotely from abroad. 

    Register Online

    1. Visit Course Placement Testing
    2. Select the date and time of any course placement test offered in Madison
    3. Select the “register” icon in the upper right to register for the selected exam time
    4. Prepare for the exam - resources found on the "Preparation" tab
    5. Bring your passport or other photo identification to the exam and provide them with your student ID number upon checking in

    Note: If you have sent ACT scores to Madison College, the ACT scores may be used in place of course placement scores for class placement purposes.


  3. REQUIRED: Enroll in and Complete New International Student Seminar

    New International Student Seminar - Fall 2022 Class Number 32076!

    Email us that you will be attending and we will enroll you in the New International Student Seminar!

    All incoming international students are required to enroll in the New International Student Seminar (Not required for Summer 2022). This is a mandatory one-credit course and non-resident tuition fees apply. This course will prepare students to be successful at Madison College.

    Topics include:

    • Tips for success in U.S. classroom
    • Campus resources: tutoring, academic advising, cafeteria, bookstore, etc.
    • Madison College online tools, such as Blackboard, WolfPack Connect and ISS Portal
    • Benefits of being involved in campus activities
    • Health and wellness resources
    • U.S. culture and cultural adjustment
  4. Enroll in Classes

    Do not wait until arriving on campus to enroll in your program classes!

    Classes fill very quickly, so enroll now in at least 12 credits of classes. At least one of the 12 credits must meet in person with the instructor, not online. The New International Student Seminar will satisfy this one-credit requirement. See item #3 above for more information on the class and how to enroll.

    *When you arrive to Madison, you will be able to meet with an academic advisor to modify your schedule, as necessary. As a special accommodation due to COVID-19, F-1 visa holders may be allowed to enroll in more online classes

    To view the required curriculum for your degree program, follow these steps or watch the video tutorial:

    1. Log in to your myMadisonCollege student account
    2. Click on Academic Record on the left navigation menu 
    3. Click on Degree Progress which will show a listing of course options for your first semester
    4. When you select the course, you will see a list of class section options

    For instructions on how to register for classes watch a video tutorial

    Carefully consider these details when selecting class options:

    • A prerequisite is a requirement for enrollment into a course, such as a previously completed course or placement test score.
      Note: If you are abroad and a prerequisite is blocking your enrollment into a class, you may email the course name and 5-digit class number to International Student Services and we will give you permission to temporarily enroll in that class until you can show that you can meet the prerequisite.
    • Please select only classes located at the South or Truax campuses, which are the campuses located within the city of Madison. You may attend classes at the other campuses, but you must be prepared to travel for up to one hour outside of Madison to attend each class session.
    • Please be sure you are looking at the correct Semester or Term to make certain the class is offered during the semester in which you will begin your program of study at Madison College.
    • Madison College courses are offered in a variety of formats including in-person with an instructor, online, accelerated, etc. Look under class details for the Instruction Mode. Taking accelerated, short-term or online classes during your first semester is not advised.
      VISA NOTE: The F-1 visa allows only three online credits per 12 credits of enrollment each semester. Make sure at least nine of your 12 credits are “in person” with the instructor.
    • The number of students who can still be accepted into a class is listed under Seats Open. If there are zero seats open, look at the Waitlist Total to see how many students are already waiting for a seat in the class. If more than three people are on the waitlist, it is unlikely that a spot in the class will become available for you and we recommend you look for another option.
      VISA NOTE: If you choose to add yourself to a waitlist, be certain that you enroll in at least 12 other credits not including the wait listed class, to ensure compliance with F-1 visa regulations requiring full-time enrollment. Please see Waitlist information.