Global Competencies

Madison College is committed to providing opportunities, experiences and curriculum that prepare our students and community for life and work in a globally connected world. The Center for International Education (CIE) connects MATC to the world by providing international learning opportunities, infusing international education into coursework, and welcoming international students from around the world to our campuses. Part of CIE's role is to cultivate the global competencies that students and faculty need to thrive in a diverse international educational environment, both at home and abroad.

Madison College welcomes proposals from faculty interested in developing short-term, faculty-led international education programs. Faculty interested in developing an international education program can learn more on the intranet.


In today’s globally interconnected world, students in every program of study need opportunities for international exposure. MATC strongly supports faculty in all programs in developing units, modules or courses aimed at helping students draw connections between their field of study and its implications around the world. Courses with sufficient international focus can be tied to the Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate, which enables students to demonstrate their global knowledge and skills to potential employers while earning credit in their primary program of study. Contact the Center for International Education at for information on potential grant funding.

International Education Institute Seminars

Madison College CIE offers workshops and seminars open to internal and external international college representatives on key topics such as working with international students in the classroom, health and safety while studying abroad, and internationalization of curriculum. 

Please contact Center for International Education for updates on workshop topics, times and locations.