There is time to study abroad – even during your 2-year degree! Madison College offers a variety of programs for your needs.

Study Abroad programs
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Study Abroad Requirements

Thinking about what kind of Study Abroad programs might be available to you? Whether you’re studying virtually or on campus, there are tons of Study Abroad opportunities.

Here are some things to consider before applying for a Study Abroad program:

  • Programs can suit a variety of student schedules. The duration of a Study Abroad program can range from as short as 10 days to a full semester.
  • Is your field considered to be more technical? Maybe you are enrolled in a healthcare-focused program? From Arts, Humanities, and Liberal Arts, some programs suit students of many subjects!
  • Some programs are more language-focused, but none of the programs require you to know a language to enroll. Consider if you’re able and eager to learn a new language, or if you would prefer to opt for a non-language-focused program.
  • Think about what you are financially comfortable with for your Study Abroad program. There are multiple ways to cover the costs, and you can learn more about study abroad scholarships.
View Current Programs
View a list of current opportunities to study abroad.

Types of Programs Previously Offered at Madison College

The best place to start is by searching which programs are currently being offered, as programs change on a semester-by-semester basis.

Check out the list below to see what Study Abroad programs Madison College students have previously experienced:

Semester Study Abroad Programs

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Virtual Experiences

Mid-Length Programs

Please note, that the following programs listed below are language-based, and we are always working to offer other language-based programs:

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Here are some of the many benefits of study abroad programs.

Cultural Awareness

Learn more about the people and the array of distinct cultures there are around the world. There are so many unique perspectives that we can learn from while studying abroad.

Diversify Your Experience

Recruiters are always looking for diversity in their employees. Bringing experiences from what you learned around the world is invaluable to any company.

Broaden Your Horizons

Become more culturally defined in your career journey and open new doors to opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have known sitting in a classroom. The job market doesn’t just have to be local – it’s global.