The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is a student-led organization that promotes, supports, engages, and celebrates Madison College clubs through programs and resources designed to assist clubs with recruitment, leadership development, and fellowship. ELT also provides support and guidance to students who are interested in getting involved. 

ELT Membership Benefits 

  • Advocate and promote Madison College clubs.
  • Provides training and resources for club advisors and officers.
  • Celebrate the success of the clubs and their members.
  • Encourage relationships, and skill development, and promote a positive networking system.
  • Support club officers and members to acquire skills related to future professions in Student Life.

The Club System provides opportunities for Madison College students to get involved, network, enhance their leadership skills, and build their resumes. 

Students are paid hourly for a maximum of 10 hours/week. 

How to Join

Officers of clubs on campus are considered members of the ELT, which provides them access to all tools and resources they need for ELT involvement.

You must be a degree-credit student in good standing and taking a minimum of 6-degree credits.

Activities and Responsibilities 

  • Club registration process.
  • Club officer luncheons (Monthly). 
  • Student group involvement fairs and outreach activities (Monthly). 
  • WIIN! Interest and identity group opportunities.
  • Student success awards banquet.
  • Club officer training & orientation.
  • Involved in WolfPack welcome to encourage new students to join a club.
  • Manage the club incentive program.


Do you have questions about the Executive Leadership Team? Get in touch with ELT at