Inside everyone, there is a heart of a leader.

Your values and your beliefs are only part of your identity. A leader’s instinct is an aspiration for change. That aspiration for change inspires the leader in us to move mountains so that others can achieve goals.

Leaders make that change by bringing out that aspiration they see in others that they didn’t know they had.

Leadership at Madison College

Leaders naturally inspire change. What inspires you?

Student Senate

The Student Senate voices the interests and needs of all students. They promote understanding between students and faculty, by participating in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect the student body. Most importantly, the Student Senate encourages students to become involved in the educational and social activities of Madison College.

Executive Leadership Team

A student-led organization that serves to promote, support, engage and celebrate Madison College clubs through programs. The Executive Leadership (ELT) team provides resources designed to assist clubs with recruitment, leadership development, and fellowship. ELT also provides support and guidance to students who are interested in getting involved.

Student Ambassadors

These are leaders who serve as positive role models to Madison College communities. The role of a Student Ambassador helps new and prospective students feel welcomed to the college. They build awareness of college services and programs and connect with greater communities to help support student growth.
Student Life Leadership Certificate

Madison College's Student Life Leadership Certificate allows you to build on past leadership experiences, learn to become a better leader, and demonstrate to employers that you are capable of leadership or supervisory role.


Grow your leadership skills and make an impact with other like-minded leaders. Engage with clubs and organizations to strengthen your transfer and scholarship applications.


Meet other students who have similar interests and identities. Become part of discussions for change and work with other students to see that change happen. Set an agenda related to your collective goals for the busy schedule. 

National Society of Leadership Success

The largest leadership honor society connects students to peers who they may have never had an opportunity to meet and encourages them to work together to become leaders who build a better world. In addition to access to the leadership development program, students can participate in service and social opportunities with the chapter.

Honors Program

The details of each honors project are developed by you and a faculty member. During the semester, you will produce an academically rigorous body of work, allowing you to explore a topic in-depth.

Start or Manage a Club
Looking for an organization or club that isn’t at Madison College yet? Why not start your own?