The mission of Clarion Broadcasting is to provide an online public forum for Madison College students who are interested in radio and video broadcasting in both live and recorded formats.

Interested in tuning in? Clarion Broadcasting provides regularly scheduled online broadcasts with a focus on entertainment, college activities, and student interests. These broadcasts are both live and pre-recorded.

Listen to The Clarion

Check out the Clarion Broadcasting online radio station.

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Clarion Broadcasting Membership Benefits

Students can learn what it's like to be a part of a radio show, podcast, or participate in video production.

There are opportunities to learn various aspects of online broadcasting, including technical and production aspects (such as how to use equipment, edit video, and audio, etc.) and journalistic concerns (legal requirements, how to write for broadcast, storyboarding, etc.). This allows students to practice the skills they learn from Clarion Broadcasting in the classroom.

In addition, Clarion Broadcasting provides an online public forum that encourages free expression and respectful dialogue and debate within the campus community, as well as promotes inclusivity that values diverse viewpoints and perspectives.

Clarion Broadcasting also provides stipends to participants that range from $200 to $500 a semester depending upon their role with the station, although some roles are voluntary.

Membership Responsibilities

Clarion Broadcasting has a variety of roles with its unique responsibilities.

  • General Manager
  • Music Director
  • News Director
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Show Hosts
  • Video Production

For more information on the details of each role, please reach out to Advisor Doug Kirchberg.

How to Join Clarion Broadcasting

To participate, students must be enrolled in at least one-degree credit class and be a student in good standing. To receive a stipend, students must be enrolled in six-degree credits.

To apply to join, please fill out the Broadcasting Interest form.

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Broadcast Team Roles

Clarion Broadcasting Events

Watch for our schedule of new radio shows on the website. If you miss a show, you can replay it by visiting Clarion Radio on SoundCloud.

Contact The Clarion

For any inquiries on Clarion Broadcasting, please reach out to advisor Doug Kirchberg at