The Clarion is Madison College's nationally recognized student newspaper.

Every year, from 40 to 50 students participate in The Clarion. Some join to develop professional portfolios, such as aspiring journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. Others join because they enjoy writing or photography and hope to continue to improve their craft.

The Clarion welcomes all students, regardless of their intended major. More than half of the students who participate in The Clarion are planning career paths outside of the communications industry.

Look for The Clarion on campus news racks every other Wednesday throughout the school year or online at

Clarion Membership Benefits

Students who participate in The Clarion receive scholarships based on their roles. Editing staff receives scholarships ranging from $300 to $700 a semester, while writers and photographers receive scholarships based on the number of assignments they complete throughout the semester.

Participants in The Clarion develop their skills in a variety of areas: communication, editing, writing, design, management and collaboration. They also become familiar with a variety of audio and video equipment and associated software.

Clarion Events

The Clarion holds staff meetings every Monday at noon in Truax Room B1260G. Students can also join our meetings virtually by contacting our advisor for the URL.

Membership Responsibilities

There are a wide variety of roles available on the newspaper staff, each with its own set of responsibilities. We have positions for:

  • Section editors, who write and edit for specific sections.
  • Graphic designers, who create illustrations and designs for publication.
  • Reporters, who gather information and write articles and reviews for publication in the newspaper and on the website.
  • Photographers, who take photographs that are featured in published articles.
  • Social media staff, who learn to use social media to connect with The Clarion readers.
  • Multimedia staff, who are responsible for updating and maintaining The Clarion website.
  • Advertising sales staff, who sell and design ads for publication.
  • Broadcast staff, who produce videos to accompany articles on The Clarion website.

How to Join The Clarion

To participate in The Clarion, you must be a student in good standing and enrolled in at least one credit at Madison College.

If you are interested in being a part of The Clarion, please fill out The Clarion interest form.

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Contact The Clarion

If you have inquiries and questions related to The Clarion, please reach out to advisor Doug Kirchberg at