The more reliable the source, the more effective the message. It’s not just about whether the content has viral potential. What makes a message newsworthy is also about how you present that message.

The community you build reflects the values you identify with as the source. Deliver news that supports those values, and your community will support you.

Journalism is about trust. Broadcasting is about connection.

What speaks to you?

The Clarion

The Clarion is an award-winning student newspaper. Gain experience working the Clarion by producing articles and artwork for publication.

Check out the Clarion news racks on-campus every other Wednesday throughout the school year or online.

Clarion Broadcasting

Clarion Broadcasting serves as an online public forum for Madison College students interested in radio and video broadcasting in both live and recorded formats. Students can also apply to gain experience working with the Clarion Broadcasting team.

Want to tune in?

Check out the Clarion Broadcasting YouTube Channel.

TheClarionMC also has a livestream radio station at

Social Media Takeover

Do you want to learn how to craft engaging content? How to build and manage a community on social media? Come be a part of Social Media Takeover and learn how to use social media that suits your stories.

Learn More at

Start or Manage a Club
Looking for an organization or club that isn’t at Madison College yet? Why not start your own?