The Student Senate of Madison College has pledged:

  • To represent and voice the interests and needs of all students.
  • To promote understanding between students and faculty.
  • To participate in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect the student body.

Above all, we encourage students to become involved in the educational and social activities of Madison College.

The Student Senate has pledged to carry out these statements so that all students are guaranteed a voice in the governance at Madison College.

Madison College Student Senate logo

About Student Senate

The Student Senate is made up of 20 students, which includes:

  • A President, elected by the student body.
  • Four Vice Presidents, selected from among the elected Senators
    • VP Administration and Finance
    • VP Legislative Affairs
    • VP Public Relations
    • VP Team Development
  • 10 General Senators who can represent students from any campus including online, elected by the student body.
  • 5 Senators representing specific campuses, elected by the student body (Fort Atkinson, Goodman South, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown).

Activities and Responsibilities

The Student Senate holds a weekly General Assembly meeting to give reports and conduct Senate business. Members of the Student Senate also represent students on committees throughout the college, complete office hours on-campus or in the virtual Senate office and stay proactive with student needs.

Past accomplishments of the Student Senate include:

Student Senate Membership Benefits

Members of the Student Senate may earn the benefits listed below:

  • Become an advocate for positive change for students at Madison College.
  • Serve as a voice for students at the highest level of leadership at Madison College.
  • Earn a monetary stipend each semester, receive Senate apparel and access to professional development off-campus.
  • Excel in your communication skills by attending networking opportunities with college, faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Develop professional skills by participating in leadership development events, which can provide a great experience to list on a resume or transfer application.

How Do I Join Student Senate?

Eligible Senators must be enrolled in 6 or more-degree credit classes and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Student Senators serve 4-6 hours each week throughout the academic year. Officers serve 7-19 hours per week (depending on the role).

Submit the Student Senate Interest Form


The Student Senate hosts their General Assembly meeting each Thursday at 4:30 pm, online and in-person at Truax. All members of the College Community are invited to attend!

Student Senate hosts a Town Hall event each semester.

Keep an eye out for more details in your student email and WolfPack Connect!

Contact Student Senate

Looking to join the Student Senate? Email with your questions and inquiries.