Do you have a business idea or an opportunity that you would like to explore?  

Would you like help in developing your opportunity?  

Participate in the Madison College Challenge!  

The Madison College Challenge is an idea competition organized through the Center for Entrepreneurship.

About the Madison College Challenge

The Madison College Challenge was created to:

  • Inspire individuals to become entrepreneurs.
  • Connect individuals with Madison College alumni, academic experts, and private industry professionals.
  • Help generate new ideas, knowledge and skillsets, attitudes, and careers.
  • Provide a source of start-up funding for aspiring entrepreneurs within the Madison College district.
Madison College Challenge 2020
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Rules for Participating

  • Contest is open to any credit or non-credit student that was enrolled in a course between 2020-2022 and has not been a Madison College Challenge finalist 
  • Contestants may enter as individuals or as part of a team 
  • Contest is for the creation of a new business 
  • Once a student’s business idea summary or video has been emailed, contestants will be required to meet with a Madison College Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) who will answer questions and coach them through the next steps over several months.  
  • Madison College employees and employees of sponsors are not eligible to enter the contest. 
Any Student can Enter!

You don't have to be a business student to register; all Madison College students are eligible. 

All ideas will be considered - be creative!

How to Enter the Challenge

  • 1.

    Submit Your Business Idea

    Submit Your Business Idea Deadline: Friday, March 10, 2023

    Express interest by submitting a 1-page summary or a video of 3 minutes or less, of your business or your idea. You should describe your vision, goals, and any progress you’ve made to date.

    Send your summary or video submission to Submissions are typically due in March. 

  • 2.

    Meet with an Entrepreneur in Residence

    Meet with an Entrepreneur in Residence: boot camp will begin the week of March 20, 2023.

    You will need to meet with the Madison College Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) who will answer questions and coach you through the next steps over several months. You will be assigned to an EIR once you submit your summary or video in Step 1.

    If you're selected to move on, a 6-week boot camp will begin in March, to help prepare you for the final pitch event.  You will meet once a week as a group with an EIR, work on concepts and create your deliverables for the pitch day.

    Meeting several times with an EIR is required and doing so will determine eligibility for entry to the final pitch event. 

  • 3.

    Pitch Your Idea

    Pitch Your Idea: In-Person on Thursday, May 4, 2023

    On pitch day judges will evaluate students who have turnkey business solutions ready for launch. They will look at students who started with an idea and are in the early validation stages. They will consider your stage of the journey.

    The student's goal is to tell a compelling story as to their progress and readiness for the next steps.

Challenge Candidates 

We welcome ideas from entrepreneurs who are at any stage of their journey and encourage business opportunities from sectors such as:  

  • Traditional Main Street
  • Digital Technology
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Culinary
  • Agriculture
  • Social Good

Prizes and Perks

Finalists will have a chance to win a significant cash prize. Through participation you will get:

  • Free business assistance and coaching.
  • Connection to Madison College and area resources.
  • A chance to win a significant cash prize to help step forward with your business idea.


Have a question about the Madison College Challenge? Email us at