Madison College Performing Arts Leadership (PAL) in theater is a nine-member student government organization that engages students in the creation of high-quality theater experiences for Madison College and the local community.

Membership Benefits

Student company members help select the production season, offer ideas on workshops and special events, attend professional development opportunities, and engage with local professional artists. Field trips include attending regional theater productions and the American College Theater Festival every year!

Participants in PAL develop their skills in a variety of arts administration areas: budget analysis, management, communication, event planning, publicity, and collaboration. They also become familiar with how a season is selected, how workshops and other events are planned, and the administrative work of production.


There are a wide variety of roles available on the PAL company staff, each with its own set of responsibilities. We have positions for:

  • Company Manager who presides over company meetings, ensures compliance with PAL bylaws, and oversees committee work.
  • Secretary who records and posts the minutes of each meeting, works with team members to develop the agenda and helps to organize organization records.
  • Education Coordinator works closely with the Outreach Coordinator to gather student interests in theater production and technical training opportunities and helps coordinate workshops.
  • Outreach Coordinator works closely with the Education Coordinator to connect with other campus and community arts groups to coordinate student involvement and activities.
  • Promotions Coordinators (2) Develop works with the faculty and company to develop creative promotion campaigns such as coordinating interview schedules, photo shoots, press releases, and rehearsal updates to be promoted on social media.
  • Student Activities Board Representative attends the SAB meetings serving as a liaison between SAB and PAL.
  • Production Support (2) works with production teams to ensure front-of-house needs are met.

All company members receive a $300 - $500 stipend/honorarium per semester.

Membership Responsibilities

The Madison College Theater company produces three fully-staged productions per season in addition to workshops in dance, improvisation, script writing, auditioning, musical theater, and multiple social activities for the campus community.



Bi-weekly company meetings, Fridays at 12:30 PM with virtual attendance available.

2022 - 23 Season

I'm First Story Project - November 2022

She Kills Monsters written by Qui Nguyen - November 2022

American College Theater Festival - January 2023

The Women of Lockerbie - February 2023

World Premiere Wisconsin, Celebrating New Works - March 2023

How to Join

To join you must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA, and commit to 10 hours per semester of volunteer work.

To apply, reach out to the Faculty Advisor for performance and technical theater, Miranda HawkTo apply, please reach out to Miranda Hawk at

For questions about dance programming, please reach out to Robin Fonfara at