Clubs provide unique learning opportunities that don’t always happen in the classroom.

Being part of a club or starting your own is about having a dedicated space to make friends, participate in fun activities, and even help build your resume. All experiences that can carry on beyond your time here at Madison College.

Being part of a club or starting your club shows that you’ve taken the time and effort to gain valuable experience and shows what you are truly passionate about when class isn’t in session.

Check out what clubs we already offer at Madison College on WolfPack Connect. If you don’t find anything that piques your interest, let’s get started on creating your new club!

Benefits of Starting a Club

Here are the primary benefits of starting your club.

Student Benefits

  • Meeting new friends and connections at Madison College
  • Connect with others who share a common interest
  • Participation in College-sponsored travel, including conferences and competitions
  • Gain valuable personal and professional growth
  • Enhance your resume

Club Benefits

  • Access to funding from the College specifically for club travel and activities
  • Access to leadership opportunities, including retreats and celebrations, hosted by Student Life
  • Access to Club Officer training, support, and networking opportunities
  • Access to a club page in WolfPack Connect
  • Access to funding from the College specifically for club travel and activities

How to Start a Club

  1. Check to make sure there isn't already a club in your area of interest [hyperlink to third-party list] first.
  2. To start a new club, you will need to recruit at least five (5) current students (two of whom must be willing to serve as an officer)
  3. Secure a Madison College faculty or staff person to serve as a Club Advisor to your group.
  4. Submit a “Starting a New Club” application through the WolfPack Connect app.

For questions, please reach out to Student Life, we have listed all contact information below.

Get Your Club Started

So, are you ready to start your club? Submit your application today! Wait time for a response can run up to a week and may vary throughout the semester.