Congratulations! You have successfully started and registered your very own club.

As a club leader, you’ll have some key responsibilities and guidelines to follow to keep your club’s registration and foster a safe place for the community you’re building.

To ensure your club meets the requirements, check out the benefits, key responsibilities, and other guidelines below.

Club Leader Responsibilities 

As a club leader, please keep in mind that there are both benefits and responsibilities that come with the privilege of starting your club.

Starting and managing your club allows students to gain experience in leadership skills, managing teams, event organization, and learning opportunities outside the classroom.

As a club leader, it’s also important to provide a safe space for your community. Please read below your key responsibilities to maintain your club:

  • Re-register your club each year with a minimum of 5 active members, 2 of which must be appointed officers.
  • Maintain your club information and membership in WolfPack Connect.
  • Maintain a positive balance in your club account, if applicable.
  • Hold at least 1 meeting or activity during each semester.
  • Have club bylaws on file in Student Life.
  • Follow Wisconsin state laws concerning hazing and familiarize yourself with the College's Student Rights and Responsibilities and Title IX Sexual Harassment policies.

Re-register Your Club 

Re-registration is done on an annual basis for the club to be considered as a registered club and to enable access to the list of benefits. The fall term deadline is the first Friday in October. The spring term deadline is the last Friday in February.

To re-register your club:

  • Complete the Club Re-registration form.
  • Re-register through Wolfpack Connect.
  • Submit an Excel document that includes the following details for all club members: 
    • Name.
    • Madison College email address.
    • Student ID number (for tracking purposes only; information is kept confidential).
    • Club Role/Title.
  • Submit bylaws if not already on file or if changes have been made. 
  • Send documents to

Benefits of Re-Registering  

When you are a registered club, you have access to the following: 

  • Access to Student Advisory Board (SAB) travel funding for National competition. 
  • Access to Executive Leadership Team (ELT) travel funding. 
  • Ability to earn incentive points to receive extra funding every semester. 
  • On-campus fundraising assistance through raffles. 
  • Inclusion in Student Life literature including the Student Planner. 
  • Promotion during on-campus events (WolfPack Welcome, Campus Fun Days). 
  • Promotion in WolfPack Connect mobile and web app. 
  • Access to bulletin boards on campus. 
  • Access to, and assistance with, a Madison College club accounting system. 
  • Ability to use the college's name in conjunction with club-sponsored programs and activities. 
  • Access to Student Life offices including space for clubs to meet, copy machines, computers, paper, and promotional materials. 
  • Officer support, resources, and networking with other club officers. 

Consequences of Not Re‑Registering

Without advance approval from ELT for the delay, consequences will include:

  • The club information will be removed from WolfPack Connect.
  • Loss of the right to reserve rooms for the club.
  • No access to the club funding account. 
  • No ability to advertise their club. 


Club termination can take place for any of the following reasons:

  • At the written consent of the club officers.
  • If a club fails to hold the minimum requirement of meetings or activities for an entire year.
  • When a club fails to turn in all required information by the deadlines.
  • For violation of regulations or policies.