Funding Support

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) funds are available for clubs to support travel to developmental opportunities, for membership to local, state or national organizations, and for recruitment. All decisions on allocation and distribution of funds are made and assessed annually by the ELT.


  • Fundraising Guidelines

    Fundraising is defined as the collection of money through voluntary contributions, sales, and/or events/programs for the purposes of charitable donation and/or club support. Club fundraising is the process of raising money, in an organized attempt, to donate to an approved charity, or supplement a club event, club supplies, or educational club field trip. Funds raised by a student organization or club must directly benefit the club, organization, or college.

    Complete the Club Fundraising Approval form on the Club Guide to submit proposed fundraisers for approval. If approved, guidelines will be emailed to the club advisor.

    Fundraising Guidelines

    • Student Life cannot provide “seed money” to finance supplies or support your fundraiser (i.e. club cannot request Student Life to pay entire cost upfront while club tries to conduct a fundraiser to repay debt). 
    • The selling of open food, drinks, consumable items which include homemade consumable items (i.e. baked goods, cooked food, etc.) is prohibited.
    • The selling of alcohol and/or tobacco is prohibited.
    • Your club may sell food, but items need to be individually wrapped and factory sealed or be pre-approved by Jason Walker, Food Service Manager, or
    • All proceeds collected via fundraising, personal investment, or gifts must be deposited into the club accounts and follow all financial procedures outlined by the college.
    • Any receipts of funds to individuals, including scholarships, is subject to state and federal income tax laws and can impact individual’s financial aid.
    • Any group that is creating merchandise or marketing material that includes the Madison College name or official college marks must ensure the usage is in accordance with the Communications & Strategic Marketing Office branding guidelines. Any questions may be emailed to Comm& or Branding Guidelines.
    • Official college logos are licensed, so any group creating merchandise to be sold must use a licensed vendor for production.

    Additional Restrictions and Requirements

    Madison College acknowledges that a policy of this nature may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise with respect to fundraising activities. Restrictions may be made in addition to, or in lieu of, those set forth in the policy.

    Madison College-recognized clubs who violate this Fundraising Policy may be subject to:

    • Fines and/or restitution including loss of funding from Madison College for the current academic year or longer.
    • Loss of the right to use College property or facilities for events/programs.
    • Loss of recognized club status.
    • Other disciplinary sanctions or educational sanctions appropriate to the circumstances

    Fundraising Ideas

    • Alumni Donations
    • Antique Show
    • Art/Poster Sale
    • Art Fair
    • Balloon Sale
    • Benefit Dance
    • Car Wash
    • Carnival
    • Garage/Rummage Sale
    • Fashion Show
    • Finals Care Packages
    • Host a raffle (Raffle form must be submitted no later than two weeks before date of ticket sales.
    • Immobile bicycle-a-thon or dance-a-thon
    • Marble or Jellybean count guessing
    • Other marathons – run/walk/jog/read
    • Partner with an off-campus eatery to promote business & receive a percentage of the profits
    • Plant/flower sale
    • Pledges
    • Recycling Drive
    • Service Auction (Time & Effort)
    • Sell prepackage goods on campus
    • Sell buttons/t-shirts/bumper stickers
    • Silent Auction
    • Student-Faculty Talent/Art Show
    • Tournament
  • Membership Reimbursement

    Membership dues will be disbursed as a reimbursement process back into the club’s account. Proof of payment to a local, state, or national affiliation will be required to receive compensation (email/paper receipts, invoices).


    Funding permitted, up to $15 per student will be allowed.


    To receive membership funding, submit a Membership or Dues Reimbursement Request. You will need to provide a list of the students’ names and ID #s that are applying for reimbursement and proof of membership/payment (receipts, invoice, etc.) Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Recruitment Funding

    Madison College Clubs can submit a Club Recruitment Funding Request to support a club-recruitment event on Madison College Campuses. In an effort to assist in increased club membership, ELT can provide a once per year fund up to $100 to support coordination of your clubs recruitment meeting. This funding may be used for food or duplicating/printing. Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


    Please note, Madison College Catering services must be used for all campus events unless otherwise approved. Both catering and duplicating requests will be submitted through ELT.

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  • Student Activities Board Funds

    National Competition - the Student Activities Board (SAB) has funding set aside to pay for students who advanced from a regional or state level of competition. This funding is handled separately; contact Student Life, or (608) 246-6224, for more information.

  • Travel Funding Support

    To request funds for travel, please complete and submit a Club Travel Funding Request. The purpose of the travel money is to help club members with the costs of attending conferences and other developmental opportunities. You should also be familiar with the Crisis Management Plan.

    A portion of the Executive Leadership Team budget is set aside to support club travel. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You must submit a request for Travel Funding at least four (4) weeks before the trip. If you are traveling during the summer months, you must apply for funds no later than the second Friday in May. Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


    1. Review Travel Guidelines
    2. Complete a Club Travel Funding Request
    3. Submit the Pre-Trip Forms 
    4. Submit the Post-Trip Report