Focus 2

Use FOCUS 2 to begin uncovering and investigating career and major options today. You will be asked questions related to things already familiar to you such as your skills, values, preferences, and more. Your results will provide a customized list of possible career and programs available at Madison College. 

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Current students and staff/faculty log in with your Madison College credentials (email + password).
Current Students / Staff

Don't have a Madison College account? Create a Focus 2 account with Access Code: wolfie20.
Future Students

Suggested Assessments

  • Once you are logged in, begin by taking the suggested assessments:
    • Complete the Work Interest Inventory, Values, and Skills
    • Optional: Personality and Leisure  
  • Be sure to read the results of your Combined Assessments
  • Click on the list of matched careers and begin researching the most current information on industries
  • If you would like to discuss the results with a Career Advisor of Counselor, contact Career and Employment Services at (608) 243-4598 or