Financial Aid

There are many different resources out there to help you pay for your Madison College education. Financial aid is available from the federal government, state government and private sources, and it can come in the form of grants, student loans, or even a part-time job subsidized by the government. You can apply for many of these types of financial aid at the same time using one form called the FAFSA.

To receive all of the aid you are eligible for, it's important to understand the process for identifying and applying for the various kinds of financial aid. Visit the pages linked below to learn everything you need to know about how to apply for financial aid and the different kinds of aid that are available. Please note that you must apply for financial aid each academic year for which you want to receive it.

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    Application Process

    The application process walks you through the steps involved in applying for financial aid.

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    Book Charge Process

    You can use your financial aid award to pay for the books and supplies you need for college.

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    Disbursements & Refunds

    Find out when and how your financial aid award is applied to your tuition expenses.

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    Enrollment Status

    Most types of financial aid, including state and federal grants and student loans, require you to be enrolled in classes at least half-time.

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    Satisfactory Academic Progress

    To remain eligible for financial aid, you must meet certain academic standards such as grades and course completion.

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    Types of Aid

    Grants are funding you don't pay back. Loans are paid back with interest. Work study is a part-time job where you are paid from financial aid.

A guide to financial aid at Madison College. 

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